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Thursday, February 25, 2010

AB Miniatures Italians: Painted with ARMY PAINTER

Above: The Grenadier Company and the Regimental Artillery.
Hi All
I thought I would add some extra units to my Lasalle French Army. I decided Italians would be a nice addition, but only had enough for three bases, (not the 4 that you need to create a Battalion as per the LASALLE rules).
I had a 4pdr gun so knocked up a "Regimental" Artillery base.
I painted them using ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade Dip.
Basicaly you just paint in the base colors (or "Block" colours), and then dip, (or "splash on" as I did) the "Shade".
I'm rather impressed with the results, as white can be a real bugger to paint.

ABOVE and BELOW: The left flank companys, Fusiliers and Voltigeurs. (I'm not sure of Italian names for these companys)

BELOW: Grenadiers, Fusiliers and Regimental Artillery.
Unfortunatly in their first game they formed square when threatened by some British "Heavies". The Brit Dragoons had a crack at them all the same and rode right over the top of them; ("Mamma Mia Luigi; did you get the number of that Bus"?!),..
Better luck next time lads!
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Sentient Bean said...

Nice one! Great effect on the white.

Trailape said...

I was surprised how good the dip worked on the white. Next project will be Austrians!

Peeler said...

That dip gives a good finish, nice to see, look forward to all that Austrian white!

Giles said...

Those look very good - I reckon the dip is the future for 15/18mm figures.

Best wishes


Trailape said...

The Dip is VERY good indeed. It works well on White uniforms, but I also have used it on a 18mm French Curassier General, and Italian Guards Du Honour and Bavarian Guard Du Korps.
I thgink it will be very good to use on troops in Campaign Dress and Greatcoats. I also have been using it on 28mm Figs, mainly Early German Barbarians, Trojan War types and Eureka Miniatures Revolutionary French Artillery.
I'll post pictures soon.

Docsmith said...

Nice job Scott - that's the 'strong' shade? (i.e. the middle one?) I'm pleased with the results I got on my cuirassier but was wondering how it would be on my Victrix Italians - now I've seen yours I'm inspired to give it a go! Thanks!


Trailape said...

Hi Doc
Yep, I used the "Strong" (middle) shade.