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Sunday, February 28, 2010

ARMY PAINTER SHADE and 28mm Figures

Hi All
I've been banging on of late about ARMY PAINTER Shade. All the pictures I've shown you are of 15mm / 18mm figures. I thought I'de show you the effect you get from applying the shade to 28mm figes, including the Games workshop GIANT!

Below: A MINDEN MINIATURES mounted French Officer treated with the Strong Shade


BELOW: A very nice (and expensive) Foundry Miniatures Romano British Standard Bearer.
BELOW: Black Tree Design (left) and OLD GLORY (Right) Early German and Celt.

The same from behind now. As you can see, the Shade really brings out every fold and crease.

All miniatures were painted by me. Feel free to leave comments or ask a question.

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paulalba said...

Hi Trailape,
I have a 1st couple of tins of Army Painter on the way. I have a stack of 28mm Naps that have been sitting in my loft for years and I'm hoping it will be their salvation!