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Saturday, February 27, 2010

AB Guard Cavalry Painted with ARMY PAINTER

Hi All
Here are some more efforts with the ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade.
Two Squadrons of Italian Guard d'Honour are up first.
I used AB MINIATURES Saxon Cavalry miniatures, as I was unaware if anyone made Italian Guard d'Honour. I think FANTASSIN ("Warmodeller") now do, but at the time the AB Miniatures Saxons seemed like the best option.
BELOW: My Italian Guard d'Honour

BELOW: More Guard d'Honour.

Next is my Bavarian Garde du Corps. Again I've Used Saxon Cavalry from the AB MINIATURES stable. The General on the left (as you look), is actually a French Curassier General. The ARMY PAINTER Strong Shade really brought out the detail I think.

These Guys are 1814 Bavarians, so have switch sides and are either "Dastardly Traitors" or "Damb fine Chaps"; (depending on your point of view)
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Mike said...

I like the effect of the strong shade on your miniatures. I've been a bit leery to use it myself, thinking it would make everything very dark. I must ask how you paint your miniatures before you paint them with the shade - do you block, shade, drybrush or do you use only two colors - block, shade or do you use another technique?

Trailape said...
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Trailape said...

Hi Mike.
My method is as follows:
1. Matt Black spray undercoat
2. Block colours
3. a highlight of the block colour, Eg. Blue block colour for the Bavarian Guard d'Corps followed by the same blue with a bit of white mixed in.
4. Base and flock figure
5. "Splash on" the shade / dip. Leave 24hrs to dry.
6.Spray with Army Painter anti-shine varnish.

Play a game of Lasalle.

Trailape said...
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