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Friday, January 29, 2010

More 18mm Bavarians

Hi All
Here are some more pictures of my Bavarians.
I took these pictures to offer to Sam Mustaffa for his LASALLE Bavarian Army List. I was lucky enough to have one photo used. That one is on the Lasalle / HONOUR web site. Below are the photos that didn't make the cut. All were painted by my mate DAN DUNBAR except for the cavarly noted below.
Flags are free downloads from WARFLAG.

Above and Below: Bavarian Infantry.

Above and Below: Yet More Bavarian Infantry

BELOW: Bavarian Cavalry. These guys were painted by DRAGON PAINTING SERVICE.

My Bavarian Light Infantry

All are AB and FANTASSIN 18mm miniatures. Please feel free to leave a comment.


Docsmith said...

Mate - we do like the Bavarians - even the littl'uns - so pretty in powder blue! I had a look (briefly) at LaSalle at Cancon (Dave Cross' copy - the last one prized out of Nic Robson!) - it looks very impressive, certainly great production values. And the boys (well Dave actually) were raving about Sam Moustafa's new rules!

Wouldn't mind giving my Bavs a run and trying them out.

Great photos of the Bav boys BTW.


Trailape said...

Hi Doc
I really like Lasale. Plays very well and has the correct "Look".
Where are you again?

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed!

Bluewillow said...

Lovely work Scott, one of my favourite German States armies. LaSalle looks good on the table, what is the basing for 28mm?.


Trailape said...

Hi Matt
The "Recommended" basing for 28mm from "LASALLE" is 50mm Square, (with about 6 figres on a base). That said, I prefer 40mm Squares with 4 figs.
Lasalle actually states ANY base size, (regardless of the number of figure per base) will work as long as both sides have the same, (or very close) frontages. There is a robust debate on the Oz_Nap Yahoo group at present about 28mm basing:

Docsmith said...

Scott - I'm in Canberra and just missed you guys doing the Lasalle demo - I was down the coast with the kids and couldn't get back until late Monday, by which time most at Cancon had packed and left. Managed to catch up with Dave though, who told me all about it. Sounds like you guys had a ball - sorry I missed it.


Doc (Brad)

Anonymous said...

I love the Bavarians and really should get over my powder blue painting phobia. Yours really look the business!


Galpy said...

your figures are absolutly beautiful, a please to look at i just love well painted minatures, come on over and see what you think i'm just a new kid on the painting blog block not quite up to your standard but being inspired
cheers Kent

Trailape said...

Hi Galpy / Kent
I've visited your BLOG. Great Stuff!
I'll add a link!

Galpy said...

Thanks for the link I've done the same on my page.
Cheers Kent

DeanM said...

Awesome game. I played Lasalle at a convention in January. Not bad, but I'm still concentrating on Sharp Practice right now. It's a good alternative - if I get more troops. Regards, Dean

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. What base sizes are using for your infantry?
Many thanks,

Trailape said...

Hi Andy
The Bavarians are based for Age Of Eagles, (roughly 20mm wide x 30mm deep). I prefer "Lasalle" rules, and now base my figs 8 to a base in 2 ranks of 4, with a base size of 40mm wide by 30mm deep. Fortunatly two of the AoE bases are pretty close to a single Lasalle base; so I won't need to re-base for my prefered rule system.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking units you have there.