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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Red Legged Devils: Part Two

Hi Guys
I've finished basing my PERRY MINIATURES 14th Brooklyn Infantry.
I use 'GOLDEN GEL MEDIUMS' and at 28mm scale opt for the Coarse Pumice Gel. This comes as a white paste which I like as I can colour it to suit. It's coarse enough to really take a dry brushing really well. After painting and dry brushing I added some grass 'Tuffs' and a few twigs I hunted around for in the garden. Finally I applied some ARMY PAINTER 'Battlefields Field Grass'. I highly recommend the ARMY PAINTER grass. It's very fine and 'sits up' nicely after being applied.
The Bases are 40mm square MDF bases from Back-2-Basix.
Flags are from FLAGS OF WAR.
Now I just need to start work on the Forgotten and Glorious miniatures version of this Regiment advancing at Right Shoulder Shift.

Comments are always welcomed.


Phil said...

A beautiful colored unit!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Your Zouaves are terrific!