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Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi All
It's the Australia Day long weekend and as usual the Canberra Gaming Society hosts CANCON.
As usual there was a lot to see.
A big crowd again this year with day one appearing to me to have the biggest crowd.
I didn't play in any of the tournaments, but I did play in two participation games
I did get some shopping in. The Bring and Buy stall as usual as a real treasure trove, and VERY crowded on the first day in the morning.
I did manage to purchase the following at excellent prices:
1. A Platoon of Australian 20mm Wartime Miniatures modern infantry and a Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV) and about 40 Taliban fighters and a mint copy of 'Operation Enduring Freedom' Codex and scenario boot for $60. The Aussies were even painted to a rather good standard.
2. A mint condition 'A Nation Divided' ACW board game, (that I'll use for my LONGSTREET campaign) for $25.
3. A mint condition copy of BATTLE CRY ACW battle game for $20.00

Hall of Hero's was there and selling X-WING expansions are bargain prices. I got a Millennium Falcon, a Shuttle, two Tie Bombers and a B-Wing for $90.00!

Without a further ado here are some photos from the three days

BELOW: EUREKA MINIATURES was in attendance and are now producing AB MINIATURES 20mm WW2 range. Here we see the German Paratroopers. I purchased a Platoon plus worth or these guys for 'Chain of Command'

 BELOW: FoG-Ancients Babylonians
 BELOW: BOLT ACTION games. And some very nice Teddy Bear fur terrain.
Romanian Infantry I think.


 BELOW: A Mathilda Mk II Tank for BOLT ACTION.

BELOW: A MASSIVE modern Chain Of Command game set in Rwanda
BELOW: Some of the action from the IMPETUS comp. Egyptian Chariots always look impressive when painted and based to such a high standard.

 BELOW: IMPETUS battle between Egyptians and Sassanid Persians

 ABOVE and BELOW: The magnificent Grotto Wargames Furniture.
 BELOW: DBMM or FoG-Ancients game.
BELOW: More IMPETUS tournament games in progress.

 BELOW: MUSKET and TOMOHAWK game in progress

 BELOW: Some of the impressive remote controlled Tanks on show.
 BELOW: Three photos of some of the very impressive Teddy Bear Fur terrain used in the BOLT ACTION tournament.

 BELOW: A very interesting Counter Insurgency game with LOTS of human terrain to deal with and some nice scratch built buildings.
 BELOW: The WRG Napoleonic's tournament. Hard to believe people are still using these old rules.


Sparker said...

Thanks Mate - Didn't go down this year so an interesting post.

Barks said...

What Sparker said- I couldn't go either, so thanks for sharing!

Paul oftheManCave said...

That's me playing that Tomahawks and Muskets game - I'll be posting a bunch of pics from that shortly


Vinnie said...

Nice images of for cool games and looks like it was a great weekend.

Thank you for the post

Sun of York said...

Thanks for this report - I was too busy in the DBA competition to get around and see much of the other games.