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Saturday, January 19, 2013

PERRY SWISS: Ready For Action.

 Hi Guys
Well, you may recall I was working on some Swiss Infantry for my Napoleonic French Army in 28mm.
These guys here are all PERRY Plastics.
Well, I've finally finished basing them and my first Battalion is ready to go.
I have given them a Colour (Flag) from a French Line Regiment, so I will have to replace that with the appropriate "Swiss' color eventually but for now I hope no one will notice.
These chaps are painted as the 4th Regiment.
I've based them 50mm wide x 40mm deep. This is my preferred base size for Infantry.
The Perry Plastic Infantry are very nice sculpts (as you would expect from the PERRYs) and easy to assemble.

As usual. comments are welcomed.


Phil said...

Fantastic looking regiment! Those Swiss are really nice!

Rodger said...

Beautiful painting!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice

Jason Meyers said...

Great looking unit, very nicely done! The Swiss add a nice splash of color to any French army.

Sparker said...

Great stuff. I couldn't agree more about the Perry plastics and the quality of the sculpting and posing...You have really brought those skirmishers to life!

Tarty said...

Lovely looking unit, very pretty.

Dan said...

Well done Scott, Swiss are a great looking allie to have.

brian_smaller said...

Very cool. I have two battalions of that regiment painted. I want one more Swiss battalion but think I will do a different regiment rather than the third battalion of same.

Allan and Carmen said...

Stunning Brushwork!!!!

I have just started playing Black Powder in 15 mm and have 28 mm Perry & Victrix figures calling to me now - lol

As a new Napoleonic Wargames player I need a bit of help starting in 28 mm.

How have you been using 28 mm Napoleonic figures?

Which rules set?

How big a table?

Did you need to adjust measurements?

I am currently using an 8' by 4' table which is great for 15 mm but the 28 mm figures look so good I cannot ignore them any more. I am in the process of offloading my GW stuff for more historical figures too - lol

Happy Gaming,


Vive l'Empereur said...

I love the figures you've painted, quite nice. I never cared for the Perry's decision to mix some in greatcoats into their boxed sets (which is why I dumped all mine).

Trailape said...

Hi Allan and Carmen
I play mostly Lasalle with my 28s. Based 50mm wide, (depth not really a big issue).
An 8 x 4 table should be ample for most games. Lasalle uses base widths as the movement scale, (eg move 2 BW in line), so no adjustments required. I'm not really familiar with BP, so can't really help. Sorry.

Allan and Carmen said...

Thanks for the help!

I may have to look at Lasalle as well painting up some Swiss!

Happy Gaming,


Trailape said...

Hi Allen
I like Lasalle very much, but I know not everyone is a fan. FoG-N is also good. It depends on at what level you want to fight your battles. Do you want to command some Battalions (Lasalle) or some Divisions (FoG-N)? Cheers

Allan and Carmen said...

Hi Trailape,

We have been playing Divisions using 15mm figures using Black Powder.

I am painting some 15 mm Austrians at the moment for that sort of game.

Playing Battalions size units sounds pretty good to me as well. I will look into Lasalle (although I am sure I could use Black Powder as easily).

Consider I knew nothing about the period bar the old Waterloo movie I am learning quickly with the help of a few good mates.

It is the colours of the Swiss uniforms that blows me away. They really stand out from the normal French uniforms and I will have to look around for more like it.

Keep up the great Blog Posts. They have been great eye candy for Napoleonic Gaming :)



Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of your blog. I like the painting but i won't bullshit you .. the eyes .. sorry, no!


Trailape said...

Hi Davy
Thanks for your comment.
I normally don't bother with eyes, but I painted these to match some prepainted ones I got a little while back. All the same I'm happy with them, and that's all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

.. and quite right, too.


Warrior Pope said...

Lovely stuff....the Swiss are cool! I have some from about 300 years earlier carrying pikes :)
Really love your minis mate.