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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What to do in 2013?

Hi Guys
I thought I'd jot down what I wish to achieve in 2013:
1. Finally finish my 28mm 1812 -15 Prussians! Most of this army is CALPE miniatures and they are fantasic miniatures. I started painting some of these recently and I must say the are my favorite 28mm miniatures. They almost paint themselves.
2. Complete my ACW armies and start playing Sam Mustafa's 'LONGSTREET'. If this system is as good as Sam's games, MAURICE and LASALLE then 2013 should be a cracking good year.
3. Play at least a few games of SHARP PRACTICE and IABSM (games by the TOO FAT LARDIES).
4. Complete my SAGA Warbands. Normans, and Anglo Danes at this point. Maybe Viking also.
5. Finish building my 28mm Dutch Belgians and Nassau Army for the 100 Days LASALLE campaign.
6. At least get a start on my 28mm 1813 Russians.
7. Finish off my 28mm Trojans. Not sure what rules I want to use with these guys. I'm thinking of some type of modification to the TFL's DUX BRITAINNIARUM but who knows? What ever rule system I use their needs to be some mechanisim that allows for 'Heroic' actions.
8. Paint up some more 15mm Ancients.
9. Finish of my 18mm Dutch Belgians and Bruswickers for the 100 Days
10. Complete my AWI armies in 28mm!
I think that's enough. Certainly ambitious enough.
But what is a post without some pictures?
So here is three photos of some Bavarian and Wurtemburg soldiers that I asked my good buddy Gunner Dunbar to paint for me. These are 'modified' AB miniatures. The Bavarian Guard Grenadiers are Bavarian Line infantry with French Grenadier heads. Not wanting to waste a miniature I then asked Danl to place the Bavarian heads on the now 'headless' French Grenadier torsos in Greatcoats. Consequently I have two rather unique units of Bavarian infantry.
BELOW: Bavarian Guard Grenadiers and a Bavarian Line Regiment in Greatcoats

The other unit is Wurtemburg Guard Light Infantry, (see BELOW). These are simply, (I say simply) with 'green-stuff'  epaulettes. Again, another unique unit.
As you can see, the basing isn't complete. I need to flock them, but I just wanted to put them out there.
Well that's all for now.
Comments welcomed and HAPPY 2013. Here's hoping your 2013 is better than 2012.


abdul666 said...

Please don't let the Holy Mormoan Kingdom fell in oblivion!
Best wishes.211

DHC Wargames said...

Good luck with your projects. And I agree... Those Calpe minis are the best around IMHO!

VolleyFireWargames said...

Hello so what color did you use for the Bavarian Guard uniform I have a couple of different battalions Bavarian guards and Wurtemberg Grenadier guards(I think) to paint up

So for your 28mm AWI what figures do you use - I use Old Glory myself, but I know some folks don' like their figures anymore.

Oh and please review Longstreet - I have some unpainted Union to use but no set rules - Johnny reb and Fire and fury old no appeal for me. I do have Black Powder which seems to hold some appeal for my group.

Cheers VFW

Trailape said...

My friend Gunner Dunbar painted the Bavarian Guard, so I'm not sure. I'll find out though. My AWI figs are mainly PERRYs, but also some EUREKA miniatures are in the mix. I'll review LONGSTREET for sure, as I've enjoyed all of Sam Mustaffa's rules thus far.

Docsmith said...

That's quite a program of work for 2013. I like the results delivered with the Bavarian Guard and Wurttemburgers. If you are coming to Cancon (and appealing to you as a gunner) you may wish to try out the Prussian Krupps guns (the first breach loading artillery) in our Franco-Prussian War demo!


El Grego said...

More Prussians, and especially Russians please!

And, I will second the call for more Mormoan material...

Dan said...

Hello VolleyFirewargames, the blue is a mix of Vallejo Medium Blue 963 and Andrea blue 70841.