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Friday, February 1, 2013

READY FOR INSPECTION: Eureka 28mm Polish

ABOVE: Polish Infantry Officers, Eagle Bearer and Eagle Guards.
 Hi Guys
I visited EUREKA MINIATURES yesterday after work and purchased some of the recently cast POLISH INFANTRY and ARTILLERY (1809-14).
These are 28mm miniatures and are a recent addition to EUREKA's expanding Napoleonic range. EUREKA has a very good French Revolution range, but with the these Poles (together with their very nice Saxon Heavy Cavalry -1812) EUREKA seems to be moving into the 'Napoleonic Proper' period of 1805 -1815.
I must say I'm not sure if these Polish will be in the 'EUREKA MINIATURES' stable, or simply cast and sold by Nic at EUREKA. I believe they are sculpted by Paul Hicks.
I guess all that 'industry stuff is of interest to some, but I must admit I don't really care who owns the range at the end of they day, I just want to know where I can get them from, and it appears EUREKA has the selling rights.
Lets look at the infantry first.
They a produced in FULL DRESS and CAMPAIGN uniforms. I purchased my Poles in Campaign dress.
As expected you have available the elite company troops (Grenadiers and Voltigeurs) and the Line or Center company Fusiliers. The command types consist of Officers, Drummers, Eagle Escorts / Guards and Eagle Bearers.
BELOW: Pioneer and two Drummers
 The detail and sculpting is very good. As for compatibility with other manufacturers I can report they will mix very well with Perry Miniatures.
There is anything from 3 to 6 variants for the infantry, and at least two different Drummers.
There are two different variants of Eagle Guards. I'm unsure how many different types of officers there are. I think you only get one option for a pioneer, (though you should only need one anyway).
 ABOVE and BELOW: The Colour Party. Eagle Guards and Bearer.
 You also have 'Skirmishing' variants to chose from.
The posing is first rate, and there are no silly poses to be found here.
 As you can see below, these miniatures have plenty of character. Most have on their heads the traditional 'Czapka' Shako, but some are bareheaded, and some wear 'Bonnets'. Grenadiers in Bearskin caps are available for those who like their Grenadiers in fur hats.
ABOVE: Fusiliers 
BELOW: Voltigeurs 
 BELOW: Grenadiers
 Now for the Artillery.
As for the actual cannon you get a choice of Austrian 6 Pdrs (captured and handed over to the fledgling Polish Grand Duchy, or French 8 Pdrs.
As with all of EUREKA MINIATURES artillery, you get all the bibs'n'bobs. Rammers, Buckets, stacked muskets and ammo boxes to name just a few.
The detail is very good and very little clean up was required. I purchased the Austrian guns, (mainly because I'd only purchased French cannon in the past).
 The Gunners a available in either 'Loading' or 'Firing' poses. As with the infantry, the gunners have heaps of character. Poses are excellent as is the accuracy of their uniforms and the detail and quality of the sculpts themselves.
 All in all these are excellent miniatures in my humble opinion and I highly recommend them to you.
BELOW: The Gunners: Loading and below them, Firing.

 BELOW: A mounted officer
My only criticism is there are no 'Casualty' variants (as yet), and the poles for the Eagle Guard Halberds and flag pole are rather thin but I'm being very picky.

My mate 'Gunner Dunbar' has also done a review of these miniatures (well, the Infantry at least) some time ago. You can read his comments here LINK
You can see painted examples here: LINK and here: LINK
It has come to my attention that the Poles were originally a commission job by Roger Murrow and they are also available from him as 'MURROWSKI MINIATURES'. There are Krakus Cossaks, ADCs and Generals available. Good Times good times!

Oh, and if you're in the market for a Giraffe riding a unicycle EUREKA MINIATURES can help you with that.

Cheers for now.
Comments welcomed.


Sparker said...

Thanks mate - useful review of what look to be lovely figs - I shall be getting some of these....

Rodger said...

Lovely looking fig's that would make a very nice addition!

Docsmith said...

Hi Scott - You guessed correctly that Nic at Eureka is casting these Paul Hicks sculpted figures. They were commissioned by Roger Murrow (the RTB At Large blog: last year and there is now quite a range including these guys in campaign dress, skirmishing, a mounted general & ADC and most recently, Krakus cossacks. All can be seen and ordered from Roger directly through his blog. I've got an entire brigade of them now direct from the UK - the prices are very reasonable Roger's service is excellent. Its great Nic is now selling them here. The only criticism I have of these beautiful figures is that the wire used for the Eagle Guard's halberd and bearer's pole is too thin and bendy. Both Roger and I have examples of them painted up on our blogs - the detail is so great the virtually paint themselves! Some of the finest Napoleonic Polish around and they fit in perfectly with Perrys, Victrix etc. Look forward to see you paint yours up - I predict you'll get great results and really enjoy it!


Trailape said...

Hi Doc
Thanks for the tips. I've added links to both your blog and Roger's.
I'll certainly be purchasing more of the these Polish chaps.

James Fisher, FINS said...

They are gonna look great with one of your wonderful paint jobs.

Glenn said...

I just posted some of the Paul Hicks Poles painted by Roger Murrow for my collection on my blog if you want to see what they look like painted up: