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Friday, January 18, 2013

SAGA AAR. Anglo Danes defend their Village

 Hi Guys
Another SAGA AAR.
Tonight daughter number 3 (14 years old Hayley) and I had a SAGA battle. Anglo Danes under her command defending a village against Byzantines commanded by yours truly.
My warband consisted of 5 Warriors (two of which have bows, three have spear and shield) and a mounted Hearthguard (Kavallaroi) and finally a mounted Warlord (Strategos).
Hayley was defending with four units, 2 Hearthguard and 2 Warriors and a Warlord.
The scenario dictates I have 6 moves to capture the village. I assume after six move the enemies standing army arrives and my lads must dash off back to their boats or whatever,...

The battle opened with a flurry of arrow shots at the Anglo Dane Hearthguard positioned in the center. Immediate success with two warriors falling to my hail of arrows.
I attacked with the Warriors on both ends of my line and sent my Kavallaroi ff to my left to attempt to attack Hayley's right flank. Hayley countered by moving one of her two Hearthguard off to her right to stall my  Kavallaroi.

The battle between the warriors resulted in much slaughter, but my lads came off worse for wear.
Frustrated with my lack of success with my warriors, (despite so much advantage with fire support from my Warrior Archers) I moved my Strategos off to join the Kavallaroi in an attack on the Anglo Dane Hearthguard on Hayley's right.

The next three turns saw my Kavallaroi bouncing off these Anglo Danes on the flank. At one point I actually feared for my Strategos life!
Hayley's Warlord by contrast was almost single handily frustrating all my efforts to destroy his Warband.
By the time the last turn came around Hayley was reduced to a single Hearthguard and her wounded Warlord in front of the village.
My Strategos and two remaining Kavallaroi were still being faced down by three very annoyed Hearthguard near the low stone walled field on her right flank 'sigh'.
Unable to actually reached the village my only option was to shoot down the Warlord and Hearthguard defending it.
I shot at the Warlord first and he fell beneath the rain of arrows. The Hearthguard however hunkered down behind his shield and survived.
6 turns down, and Hayley held on grimly to score a victory.
With the imminent arrival of the Anglo Dane relief force my warband withdrew.

Another enjoyable game of SAGA.
As usual comments are welcomed.


Dux Homunculorum said...

Awesome looking game mate, and congratulations to Hayley for her victory.

Phil said...

Fabulous pictures and great AAR!

Trailape said...

Hayley certainly enjoyed the Victory over her dad. I'm lucky I have a daughter who is happy to play miniatures.