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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dutch Militia

ABOVE: My Dutch Militia Colour Party and Battalion Commander. Miniatures by PERRY, Flag by GBM.
Hi All
I thought I might share my first Dutch Belgian units I have finish for my WATERLOO PROJECT.
Dutch Militia and a Command Base.
They are all PERRY MINIATURES. I picked up some painted miniatures from DRAGON PAINTING SERVICE (DPS) and then painted some more, (about half) to match. I think I did OK, and I suspect most people will struggle to tell which ones I painted and which ones are the DPS painted.

 BELOW: My 'Command Base'. This will make a nice Objective marker for LASALLE games or a rather nice Line Of Communication (LOC) marker for FIELD OF GLORY - NAPOLEONIC (FOG-N). I'm thinking I might add a table with some bread and wine, (maybe a little cheese) to this base yet. Not too sure,...

Here are some more pictures, this time in better light.



Sparker said...

Lovely stuff - good to see people doing the Dutch in the run up to 2015!

Dan said...

Hi Scott, very nice, I'm hoping to have the 2nd Nassau finished for you by Monday.

Trailape said...

Hi Guys
I've always like the look of the Dutch Belgians of the 100 Days. By all accounts not stelar troops by any mesure, but I think history has been harsh on them.
They arn't painted to your standards Danl, but they will do,..

Dave said...

Nice work, found some thing to do in the dawghaouse then? ;-]

Anonymous said...

Looking Dutch Belgian like...

Great work. Hopefully a AAR report soon featuring these fine miniatures.

Michael aka WR