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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DBA and Emu's

Hi Guys
Had a couple of games of DBA the other day with Stan.
Romans, Ancient Brits, Successors and Carthaginians all had a hit-out.
BELOW: Celts V Romans
 BELOW: Celts V Successors.
My Chariots move off on a flanking manouver,..
 Seems the local bird life had the same idea.
 They then beat a not so hasty retreat,... "Move along, nothing to see here".
Apparently they were simply checking out if their copy of 'MAURICE' had arrived.

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lesfoudresdelaigle said...

Drôle de figurines sur les deux dernières photos. Bravo très belles figurines romaines et gauloises. A bientôt Christian