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Monday, April 30, 2012

Grasshoppers: The Perry Miniatures 95th Foot

BELOW: The 95th for SHARP PRACTICE (SP) and Song Of Drums and Shakos (SDS).

Hi All
Here are some photos of my PERRY MINIATURES 95th Foot (Rifles). I've based them on individual 25mm 'Round Bases' for use for playing SP or SDS.
The Bases are from Battlefield Accessories. They are resin bases that simply needed a slap of paint, dry brush and then some static grass appiled.

 BELOW: "Follow me lads"! An Officer leads the riflemen forward to battle the Frogs.
 BELOW: And what would an Officer do without his trusty Bugler to relay orders?
 And just for a splash of colour, (Red to be precise) two VICTRIX MINIATURE British officers. I pained the chap in the Bicorn Hat. My good mate 'Gunner Dunbar' painted the Highlander.
Comments welcomed.


DeanM said...

Interesting basing for skirmishers. I am trying to visualize picking them up for movement. Best, Dean

Sparker said...

Lovely work! You have an utterly convincing 'firing pose' there, something I have struggled with, if these are the plastic models.

Trailape said...

Hi Sparker
The 'firing' miniatures are Metals. The plastics are in advancing poses.