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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Successor Elites: Alexander's Foot Companions.

 Hi Guys
A break for a moment from Napoleonics.
I thought I'd share a few photos of my recently completed Hypasapists. I've got six 60mm x 20mm bases. 28mm Miniatures. Mostly FOUNDRY, (insanely expensive but very nice) with some OLD GLORY command Figures for a bit more variety. 
 I based them for DBA but will also use them for IMPETUS.
The Shields are all hand pained.

 My favorite figure is the Officer on the right (above). He's an OLD GLORY miniature, and seems to be 'breaking ranks' to urge the lads forward (as seen below):
"Follow me Men"!

I should add that the miniatures (including shields) were painted by FERNANDO ENTERPRISE to their 'SHOWCASE' standard. I wish I could paint that good.

I thought I'd addsome photos of my recently completed Companions. Four bases of these Elite Cavalry will help secure Victory for the Foot Companions, (I hope). The miniatures are OLD GLORY. I added lances from my left over WARGAMES FACTORY 'Amazons'.

Back to work on my Dutch Belgians for 1815,...


Bluewillow said...


Another army on my list1


sebastosfig said...

hand painted.... Argh, I must now burn my brushes. Excellent job

ljr70 said...

Absolutly fantastic!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great looking unit and man o man are those shields nice!!


Phil said...

I just love them... well done!

Millsy said...

Your shields are a work of art, never mind the miniatures! Bravo sir!

Vinnie said...

Nice figures and the shield transfers really makes the unit...beautiful

Trailape said...

Hi Vinnie.
They are not transfers. They are all hand painted.

Galpy said...

outstanding i thought i had a lot on the go but you are really leading the way great painting, fantastic work

Baconfat said...

Those shields are the best I've ever seen!