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Monday, January 9, 2012

Dutch, Belgians, French and a Duke!

Hi All
My first posting for 2012! I was hopeful I'd have this post up before the new year but alas 'twas not to be.
Anyhooo,.. What am I working on at the moment you might ask. Well I'm working on a beautiful FRONT RANK miniature of the Duke of Marlborough as a late Christmas gift for a friend of mine, (see above). This is the first FRONT RANK miniature I've attempted to paint, and I must say FRONT RANK miniatures are very nice.
I'm also painting some cracking good PERRY MINIATURES Dutch Militia. Long story here. I purchased some Belgian Line Infanrty online and the guy sent me half a unit of Belgian Line and half Dutch Militia. Anyway after an email or two the mistake was acknowledged and the other half of the Belgian unit was sent. What to do with half a unit of Dutch militia? I placed an order to the PERRY's for the other half of the unit and started painting. One of the 12 painted figs I was sent is on the left. My attempt (thus far) at replicating the paint style can be seen below.  

 I recently received back from FERNANDO ENTERPRISE a swag of EUREKA MINIATURES 28mm French Revolutionary War French Infantry painted to a 'Collector' standard. The are quite nice, but I wanted them to look a little more 'campaign' worn so I've started 'Dipping' them in ARMY PAINTER STRONG TONE dip. about 140 done thus far, with about another 80 to go.
Results thus far can be seen below:
 I have a unit of 24 figs in the old 'White' uniform. I've included a picture of one of them below in amoungst the Blue Coats for comparison.
 Also, below are two pictures of FERNANDO ENTERPRISE work prior to dipping. As you can see quite nice and at about $1.65 AUD for the painting good value for money IMHO.
They sport a very nice MAVERIK MODELS material flag.
I'll eventually issue all my French Revolutionary Demi-Brigades with these very nice 'Material' flags. They produce a very nice 'wavey' effect once attached to the staffs and are very reasonably priced. Highly recomended!
More updates soon. Cheers!


Ray Rousell said...

The French look very nice, the dip works wonders!

paint pig said...

Agreed the dip bought the figure to life maybe fernando could do this for you?

I have just recently finished a couple of FR wss mounted officers myself and found them more that acceptable, I dont like the 'orses but. They look like big dogs I'd like to see what the figures look like on Eureka or Minden 'orses. good job that man.

Dan said...

Good work Scott

Rodger said...

Very nice looking troops. The dip does seem to be a good thing.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Does "material flag" mean that it is made out of cloth?
(British, American, Canadian, Aussie English all being different, eh?) :)

It looks like you could also use the blue coated French for battles up to 1806.

Trailape said...

Material flags are NOT paper, rather some type of 'cloth'. The dip does make the figs go 'POP'. I just need to give them a light spay of 'Anti-shine' varnish and then start flocking. Fritz is correct. They could be used up to 1806, though 'button counters' would object to the soldiers wearing helmets.