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Monday, January 30, 2012


 ABOVE: My first game at CANCON 2012. My Brits V French Marines.
BELOW: Prussian Landwehr V French Line.
 Hi All
Well I attended CANCON this year and I must say it was a hoot.
The three day event normally sees me playing all three days, (in the past DBM).
This year I just wanted to relax a bit more, so settled one day (Day 1) of shopping and 'looking around' and then playing 'SONGS OF DRUMS AND SHAKOS' (SDS) on the Saturday and DBA V2.2 on the Sunday.
SDS was a lot of fun. I'd only played a couple of games before, so the whole experiance was a bit of a learning experiance.

ABOVE and BELOW: My Brits give those French scoundrels a bit of a touch up.
All in all I found SDS to be quite a bit of fun. I'm not sure if SDS is as good a game as SHARP PRACTICE, (SP) but they can be played at a tournament, where as SP can't.
BELOW: Egged on by Colour Sergeant Thompson, my Riflemen dispatch some Frenchmen
On the Sunday I played in the DBA comp. I was hopeful of doing well, as in the last two comps I played in I scored a 3rd and 1st place.
Trotting out my trusty Tojans I managed to finished 9th out of 30. On handicap I apparently came 3rd, so not a bad result.
I lost in Round 1 to Early Hebrew, (thanks a lot to dismal dice rolls in combat)
Rd 2 saw me victorious over a medieval Cypriot army. Rd 3 and we defeated Alexander's Macedonians. Rd 4 and we defeated Sung Chinese. Rd 5 and Free Company got the better of us, but a Rd 6 victory over Goths restored honour.
BELOW: The DBA comp in full swing.
BELOW: The shortest DBA gamer I've ever seen. It was great to see so many youngsters playing a 'Historical' game.
BELOW: Travel buddy Stan does battle in only his 2nd ever DBA comp with Sub-Roman Brits. He finished 10th. Not a bad effort!
As usual for CANCON the trade stalls appeared to be busy.
BELOW: Dragon Painting Service (DPS) with Carlo at the helm appeared to have sold a swag of beautifully painted miniatures. I purchased the best part of a new 7 Years war Prussian Army ( all Front Rank miniatures). I suspect Carlo could sell Pork Sausages to Arabs.
BELOW: Between DBA games, a view across one of the game halls.
BELOW: A CANCON regular! Nic and EUREKA MINIATURES. As usual Nic was a pleasure to chat to and always had something new on offer. For me it was 28mm Saxon Guard du Korps Cavalry 1812! (I'll post a review of these magnificent miniatures soon).
And now for some photos of my DBA games!
Below: My Trojans envelope Alexander and his Macedonians.
BELOW:  The 3 photos below are of my game agains the dreaded Goths. This game gave me one of my best results, with the loss of only one element of Spears I got the better of the hairy Germans. My opponent had horrible pips.

BELOW: The following photos from my battle with the SUNG CHINESE commanded by the talented David Lawrence..
The Sung Artillery was of great concern, but by sending my 'Lukka' Blades, 'Hittite' Auxilia and an element of 'Trojan Archer' Psilo through the woods (green felt), I managed to destroy the Chinese bow on David's left flank, sweep through and capture his camp and attack his artillery in the flank.

BELOW: End game for the SUNG.

The results of the DBA COMP were as follows, (and Directly from the Organiser Greg Kelleher) :

"Well DBA at Cancon has come and gone for another year. This year there were 30 players with 6 being juniors. The major prizes went to:
1st place Marcus Treganza
2nd place Stephen Hopkins
3rd place Chris Burg
Junior Champion: Bas Braham
Executioner award Chris Hersey

As can be seen from the list of armies below there was a great spread across the four books. Certainly the Early Hebrews proved to be the surprise army of the tournament.
As always I would like to thank our very generous sponsors Essex Miniatures Australia for providing trophies and prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, Baudea for providing the junior champion prize and Hall of Ancient Warriors for providing the prize for the executioner award.
And thanks to you all. Without your participation there would be no tournament.

Player Army Score Count Back

Marcus Treganza IV/03 Anglo Norman 44 202

Stephen Hopkins IV/66 Later Polish 44 186

Chris Burg I/27 Early Hebrew 43 218

Peter Bismire II/03 Classical Indian 41 201

Jason Dickie IV/13a Medieval German 38 192

Brad Del Munns IV/74 Free Company 37 221

Darryl Hills III/04b Early Byzantine 36 194

Bas Braham (J) IV/83b Wars of the Roses 36 194

Scott Driscoll I/26b Trojan 36 189

Stanley Crabbe II/81c Sub Roman British 34 170

David Lawrence III/61 Sung Chinese 32 176

Sam Braham (J) II/07 Achaemenid Persian 32 164

Gavin Bowman IV/75 Timurid 31 215

Jon Willacy III/39 Later Tang 31 173

Chris Hersey IV/83b Wars of the Roses 30 199

Bruce Bell II/36a Graeco Bactrian 30 170

Jerry Hearn IV/83b Wars of the Roses 30 156

Alex Filewood III/05a Middle Frankish 29 207

Ken Filewood II/39b Ancient Spanish 29 158

Peter Braham II/43 Maccabean Jewish 28 199

Greg Kelleher III/14c Early Bulgar 28 179

Brenton Searle IV/26 Lusignan Cypriot 25 200

Patrick Hersey (J) III/66 Hsi Hsia 25 155

Michael Chellew I/52c Early Hoplite Greek 24 168

Alexander Bell II/12 Macedonian 23 181

Steve Jones IV/09 Eastern American 23 165

Ryan Blake (J) II/47a Early German 21 150

Ronan Hersey (J) II/15 Alexandrian Imperial 18 169

Sebastian Carraro IV/01a Komnenan Byzantine 16 160

Lysander Carraro J II/49 Marian Roman 16 149



In summary, CANCON was excellent.
As usual the DBA was great fun, and I'm very interested in seeing Version 3 of these brilliant rules released.
You can find more photos and comments on CANCON 2012 here: LINK! (the very nice Storm and Conquest BLOG)
That's all for now.


Dale said...

Interesting that you went from DBM to DBA competition gaming. Also nice to see so many youngsters gaming DBA. Now that DBA 3.0 language is getting clearer, maybe you will see more next year.

I still haven't sold anyone on doing an SDS competition, but we like casual games. Would be interesting to hear about some of the squad compositions.

Bluewillow said...

Nice pics Scott,

Great to see you back safely in Oz mate and to catch up at Cancon. I would like to try SODS one day!

hanks for the link!


Trailape said...

Hi Dale
Playing DBA at a comp is only a 1 day commitment. I also think DBA is a brilliant game.
I'll try to get around to posting some more details on my SDS Squad and also my mate Stan's Prussian Squad in the near future.

Ray Rousell said...

Some great pics, looks like a fun time was had by all!!