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Thursday, January 12, 2012

On The Work Bench: Too Much!

Hi Guys
Above: This is what a work bench looks like when you have too much on the go at the one time.
And this is only about a 3rd,..
What you can see here is VICTRIX French 1804-7, French 1812-15, PERRY Dutch Belgians for the 100 days (1815), VICTRIX and PERRY PLASTIC British for 1808-12, REDOUBT ENTERPRISE Trojan War Personalities and some FRONT RANK Personalities for my Inagi-Nation and my friend.
But I am making headway. Just starting to base my Romans and Successors. See below:
The Romans and successors are mainly Foundry Figures, with some OLD GLORY Phalangites added to the Successor's ranks. 

 Finally, I'm continuing with my friend Arnaud's Duke of Marlborough. The horse needs to be transformed into a Grey, and the whole set will be dipped. He's a nice FRONT RANK miniature.


Ray Rousell said...

Your table does look a little busy! But great looking figures seem to be living on them!!

Doug said...

Very nice looking figs Scott. Did you ever get round to reading the DBA report I posted ?

paint pig said...

If you put down a figure to change paints do you which one to pick up again? ;-)

painting machine!

Allan and Carmen said...


I am very new to Napoleonics and noticed you have collected and game with 15 mm for Lasalle games.

What is making you collect 28 mm Nap figures?

I just bought Napoleon at War and have 18 mm British Army coming as well. To be honest I am tempted to collect The Victrix, Perry and Warlord Games figures in the larger scales as well!

Happy Gaming,


Trailape said...

Hi Allan
For 28mm I use mainly PERRY MINIATURES and VICTRIX. I also have CALPE Prussians.

VolleyFireWargames said...

you think yours is bad I have so many spread out I will never get them finished.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott
Do you know an Australian distributor of Front Rank Figures?