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Friday, December 11, 2009

LASALLE: A Battle Report: Part 1

Hi All

I thought I’d post an AAR and Review of Sam A Mustafa’s latest offering “LASALLE”. So what is “Lasalle”?

Well from the HONOUR web page (Lasalle is a rule set within the HONOUR series)

The game is small-scale and tactical in nature, focusing on the movement of individual battalions and regiments of cavalry. The player will manage a small force of roughly a dozen units as he tries to complete some specific mission assigned to him, such as “Hold the village and our bridgehead at all costs!” or: “Drive the French from Plancenoit!”

Lasalle is ideal for a small gaming table, and it plays in real-time with most battles lasting 2-3 hours. It is perfect for pick-up games or tournament play. It therefore includes sample army lists enabling players to collect and paint typical small forces from a large number of possible nationalities.

Right then; let’s see for ourselves!

I’ll admit right from the start I am slightly bias towards Sam Mustafa’s work, (Shock, Horror)!!!.

I have played his MIGHT AND REASON rules for the 7 Years War and really like his FAST PLAY GRAND ARMEE (FPGA) rules. I have high expectations that these rules will be well written in an easy to understand and logical manner that will give a realistic game, (as realistic as any game can be).

You’ll find heaps of reviews of the rules on the web and in various magazines, so I’ll stick to the basics and devote more effort to an actual After Action Report, (“Play Test” so to speak):


The rules are presented in a hard bound book with lots of illustrations and pictures of miniatures in scales from 6mm right up to 40mm. A sturdy book that can take the beatings one normally subjects their rules to; (and NO, I don’t mean actually BEATING your opponent with the book, no matter how tempted to do so).

There are plenty of examples inserted at the appropriate places within the book, with diagrams to ensure that nothing is left in doubt. There are Army lists for the major combatants and most Minor States. Oddly enough there is no list for the USA(!?)

There is a Quick Reference sheet (QRS) of sorts in the book. I say “of sorts” because it’s not a card like QRS, but rather pages. That said, you can download a QRS (exactly the same as that within the book) for free together with an Errata and “Tips and suggestions” and there is already a free Army List for the OTTOMAN EMPIRE. In fact, all future army lists will be available for free! It states in the “ARMY BUILDER section of the book:

“You will never have to buy and Supplements to play Lasalle”

Obviously Sam is no businessman in the mold of the teams at Games Workshop or Battlefront!

First Impressions

The rules are very well written.

Rather than writing the rules to mirror the sequence of play they are written in a logical order by way of introduction to the Sub-systems, thus enabling the reader to better understand each subsystem as they are introduced.

There are Advanced rules, Historical Scenarios, a FAQ section and as mentioned before, a QRS, an Army Builder and Army List section. Another useful “bit” is the “Learning The Game Concepts" section, dealing with Unit Sizes and Formations, Depicting Skirmishers, Fronts and Flanks, Terrain and lots more.

So How Does It All Play Out?

Well, like I said, I could rattle on about the actual rules and how well they are written and what nice quality the paper is and "are the lists truly representational of the Armies they represent",. BLAH BLAH BLAH but let’s face it, your here for the AAR and the pictures; sooooo......

The Battle of Pyranesia, 1810

The French ORBAT

A Infantry Division from the Peninsular List:

2 x Veteran Infantry (plus 1 extra, see note) = 3 Vet Btns

3 x Conscript Infantry (Plus 1 extra, see note) = 4 Con btns

1 x Dragoon Regt

1 x Divisional battery

NOTE: Because the French are attacking in this game they get 1 extra Veteran Infantry and 1 extra Conscript Infantry battalion.

I also added an “Organic” Brigade of Light cavalry:

2 x Hussars (1st and 5th)

2 x Chasseurs (but I changed one of these to lancers ‘cause i wanted to see what effect lancers had).

The British ORBAT

An Infantry Division from the Peninsular List:

4 x Infantry (33rd, 44th, 69th and 42nd)

1 x Large Elite Infantry (these are not Guards, but for this game I’ve made them the 1st Foot Guards)

1 Royal Artillery Battery (Minden Battery RA)

2 x Skirmisher Bases (95th Rifles?)

I also added a “Reserve” Dragoon Brigade *:

2 x Heavy Dragoons (the 2nd and 7th). These should be + Large units, but I've kept ALL cav in this game as small 4 base units.

*(this Bde should also have a Royal Horse Artillery (RHA) battery, but I don’t have one. Instead I’ve added a Spanish Militia Battalion, (just for shits’ n’ giggles).

PART 2: The Game! to be post soon!


JAM said...

Looking forward to Part 2. Nice review.

Trailape said...

Part two posted. Part 3, (the final part) to follow soon.

Anonymous said...

Could not easily locate Parts 2 and 3