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Sunday, December 13, 2009

LASALLE; A Battle Report: Part 2

The Opposing Plans

To make things simple I gave all Sub-Commanders a Vigour of 0, but I did add an advance play option of Engineer support to the French, (to be used in the inevitable assault on the town of Pyranesia).

The French plan called for a direct assault on both flanks to pin those British troops there down, and hopefully to draw any reserves away from the center (Town). Once this was done a Battalion or two supported by engineers and the Divisional Battery would storm the town and rupture the British center.

The Veteran Brigade under General De Brigade Champine on the right would be tasked with seizing South Ridge. The Division’s Dragoons would be in support.

The Conscript Brigade would be under the direct command of the General de Division Faint. Their task would be to keep the British on Northern Hill distracted whilst also capturing the town. They would have the Divisional Battery in direct support as well as having a Company of engineers tasked to help take the town.

The Light Brigade of Hussars, (5th and 1st), Lancers and Chasseurs would sweep around the left flank. General de Brigade Grochy would command. The Horse artillery would assist as required.

The British plan was simple. Hold both Northern Hill and Southern Ridge. The Local Spanish militia would defend the town. The Dragoons, (less their organic RHA Battery) would assist the 1st Foot Guards and the 33rd foot in holding Northern Ridge. The Infantry Brigade Commander was Major General Taff.

The two Dragoon Regiments (2nd and 7th) were under command of Colonel Cusbert-Smyth.

The Divisional Commander, Lt General Cambridge would command the 44th, 69th, 42nd and the Minden Battery on the British left flank.

The Militia were also under his command, (apparently).


The French advance along the entire front.

Turn 2:

The Minden Battery, Royal Artillery (RA), opens a Long Range bombardment from the ridge towards the Combined Swiss -Croatian Battalion. No hits, (not surprising given the long range, difference in height and intervening woods). The 42nd moves to the Southern Ridge sector and the Dragoon Brigade moves to the Northern Hill sector. The Militia move into the town.

Turn 3:

The French Horse artillery dash forward and deploy their guns near North Farm.

The Divisional Artillery deploy opposite the town. The Infantry of both Brigades march forward. Some of the Infantry of both Brigades start to pick their way through the woods. The Light Brigade splits with the Chasseurs and Lancers heading to the north of North farm and both Hussar regiments advancing between the farm and Darks Forrest.

Turn 4:

The British Battery fires again and score a hit, but this doesn’t cause any disruption, (Dist). The British Dragoons advance in March column toward the northern end of the hill.

Turn 5:

The French Horse gunners fire at the British 2nd Dragoons and score two hits= 1 Dist! The remainder of the French host continue to advance. The woods and forests hamper some of the battalions.

Turn 6:

The RA Fire again. Their gunners are having a bad day; no hits again. The 33d Foot change to "Attack Column" formation and advance to cover the 1st Foot Guards right flank. The 7th Dragoon change formation to “Abreast” in an effort to cover the 2nd Dragoons . The 2nd try to recover but can’t get rid of their one Dist.


The French Horse Artillery fires at the 7th Dragoons. No Hits! The 1st Hussars charge the 7th Dragoons! The French infantry close in on the British,..


The British RA Battery fires at the combined Swiss – Croatian Battalion as it emerges from the woods and scores two hits = 1 DIST! The 7th Dragoons clash with the 1st Hussars. The Dragoons have the combat advantage of being in “Abreast” formation against the Hussars that are coming on in “Waves”. The Dragoons also have a 2 Dice advantage in being “SHOCK” cavalry. That’s 12 v 8 dice. Both need “5” on each dice to hit.


The dice roll! (the Dragoons did roll 12, though only 10 are shown here. the missing two score 1 and 3).

The Hussars pull of a win, but it's an "inconclusive" result. The Dragoons a driven back and suffer 1 DIST. The 1st Hussars also take 1 DIST, but advance after the 7th Dragoons.


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