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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

EUREKA Miniatures 28mm Dismounted Chasseur

Hi All
I just returned recently from EUREKA MINIATURES in Melbourne. I went there to purchase some Eureka Miniatures 1806 Saxons for my 1806 Campaign project and Nic showed me one of his latest additions to his 28mm Early French Napoleonics / French Revolutionary Wars Range. A dismounted Chasseur a Cheval at a watering fountain complete with washing maid and what looks like an "old hag".

A cracking good addition to any Early Napoleonic set.
The Chasseur is busy tapping his pipe on the heal of his boot as he leans against at watering fountain. Not to busy to notice the pretty washing maid however.
The "Old hag" seems to be keeping an eye on the Chasseur as she smokes a pipe of her own.
Three horses are having a drink, with one thinking about biting another who looks as if he has just push his way in,...
Fantastic miniatures full of character.
The figures are all "free standing", so can be arranged as you see fit.
I'm not sure who did the sculpting; but "well done" to whomever is responsible!
(UPDATE 24 DEC 09): ALAN MARSH is the sculptor

Anyway, here are some pictures:

BELOW: A close up of the Maid and "Hag".



Docsmith said...

Wow, great figures - is that Mike Broadbent's sculpting or Nic's? What a terrific vignette - a little 'Christmas project' perhaps?

I've just done my last posting for about a week in order to take care of 'Christmas Duties'. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Trailape said...
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Gallowglass said...

Lovely figures. Thanks for the preview.

Giles said...

That is outstanding - thanks for showing the rest of us. With a bit of conversion work on the dragoon and perhaps the horses' saddles, this set looks suitable for all kinds of periods.


Trailape said...

You're Welcome.
The rider is a Chasseur however,..
(Switching "Pedent" mode OFF now)