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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

VICTRIX Peninsular British: 32nd Foot

(ABOVE) "Blimey Sir; steady on! The Frog's ain't goin no where,.." !
The Colour Party of the 32nd Regiment Of Foot. The Colours (flags) came with the PERRY Plastic British Box Set! Unfortunatly the Flags are for the 33RD FOOT!!! oooops. Oh well, I'll do the 33rd soon, so I'll just swap out the Ensigns.
Hi all!
Here is the second unit of VICTRIX 28mm plastics I've assembled and painted. This time it's the British 32nd Regiment of Foot. I tried a different method of painting this time, and am happier with the results. (See this entry on the 44th Foot I painted earlier).
DISCLAIMER! I freely admit I'm not a brilliant painter, so these are pretty much painted to what I consider a "Wargames standard". I don't do faces very well, so I don't bother trying.
As usual, I did use some parts from the PERRY Plastic box set, ( including Flags).
(Below: A close up of our "Enthusiatic Tommy". One of the advantages of plastic "kit" figs is the ease of "conversions" such as "Tommy" here).

(Above: The Brave 32nd advance on the equaly Brave Frenchmen)
I also used a differnt basing method. Again, better results I think.

Painting: I still undercoated the figures with a Matt Black spray, (available from any harware shop). I painted the coats with a base coat of Games Workshop Mechrite Red, then did a highlight of Vallejo AV Red and then a 2nd highlight using Vallejo AV Scarlet.
I also painted the soldier's pants as various shades of off white, pale greys' and the occassional browns.
Shakos and Packs I painted in a flat black, and then highlighted with a mix of flat black and "Flesh", (Dwarf Flesh by GW). You need to experiment a bit to get the right mix, but it does produce a very good "black highlight"
(Below: The Light Company)
BASING: This time I simply used some fine "gritty" sand I found in the gutter at work. Cost? Just some personal pride as i must haved looked like some lunatic derro as a gathered it up into an old plastic bag! Other than that; it was FREE!
I glued the figures to the VICTRIX bases using common PVA (woodwork) glue, and left to dry. A few hours later I covered the bases with the same PVA Glue and then dipped the entire base in the "gritty" sand. Again, I left to dry (overnight).
Next day I covered the base with a diluted dark brown ink wash, and (again) left to dry. I then Dry Brushed "Fawn / Light Brown" hobby Paint on the base, and then added dabs here and there of PVA Glue. I then sprinkled on the flocking grass and I was done!
Rather good result I think!
(Below: One last look at the 32nd Foot).
I based each member of the Regimental Colour party individualy on 20mm x 20mm bases. I also based the Flank Company soldiers (the Grenadiers and Lights) singularly.
As I intend to use the figures mainly for playing "SHARP PRACTICE", so I figured I'd need some single based figures.
The rest are all based 4 to a base, (40mm sqare).
Feel free to leave a comment!


Dan Beattie said...

Nice unit. Try putting a short brown, horizontal line on each eye socket. For wargames, that is sufficient, and they look better.

Dan Beattie

Trailape said...

Hi Dan
Thanks for the tip.
Normally I hope an ink wash will do the same. I'll try your suggestion.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

There is a method that produces nice results and is friendly to both good painters and the not quite so talented and that is army painter(dip).Another bonus is it's very fast.
Simply use a light undercoat and neatly block paint the colors in a lighter shade then you normally would.Reach for the army painter(strong is common)and lightly brush it on.It will come out shiny so you need to use a matt seal spray and presto instant decent looking troops.
I've seen some decent to very good results and I'm giving it a go myself.
I'm using the army painter to finish some of my armies as my normal method takes a long time and I'll reserve that for certain armies and army painter for others.


Trailape said...

Hi Axebreaker
I've heard of good results with ARMY PAINTER, but I'm a little sceptical.
I wouldn't mind giving it a crack. We'll see,..

Docsmith said...

Hi Scott - don't know if you got my email with your old article on blackpowder artillery etc, but let us know if you did/didn't & I'll resend if need be. I really like the Victrix figures - your redcoats turned out well. I notice on their site they've announced some pre-1805 French. They look very impressive but I didn't notice any head variants of the Tarleton helmet or those funny leather caps their Lights wore.

Let us know how you went with that wash dip Painter stuff - I've made up my own but if you get better results with the commercial stuff I may get the spiders out of my pockets and invest in a can.

BTW - I've just posted the rest on my Perry's finished so far. Feel free to have a look and post a comment:

Take care.

Trailape said...

No, I didn't get it. Can you resend?
BTW, You're Perry's look fantastic!

DeanM said...

They don't look bad at all; photos aren't always gracious to even the best artwork; yours look just fine and I'm sure on the table even better. Regards, Dean

P.S. I love your basing.

javieth said...

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Trailape said...

Hi Javieth
Thanks for the comments!