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Monday, November 2, 2009

28mm Ancients!

ABOVE: The backbone of the late Empire; battered old Veterans! "Bloody Vandals! Far to much Arson around these days"! Foundry 28mm figures with LBM shield transfers.
Below: Late Romans advance towards the waiting Vandals!

Below: Xyston Miniatures Alexander The Great

Hi All

I thought it was about time I uploaded some pictures of something other than Napoleonics.

Here are some photos of some 28mm Ancients (Late Romans, Spanish and a personality Figure).

Below: A young Alexander, (not yet Great)! The miniature is by Xyston Miniatures,painted by me.

Below: Ancient Spanish from the FOUNDRY MINIATURES stable. I still need to add javlins, but I thought I'd share all the same. They were painted by FERNANDO ENTERPRISE to Showcase Quality. They really are beautifully painted!

Next are some GRIPPING BEAST, WARGAMES FOUNDRY and OLD GLORY 28mm Late Romans. All painted by me with some Little Big Man shield transfers.

Below: Auxilia with archers in support! I've aded a fallen barbarian here and there,...

Next is the Heavy Infantry:

Below: A Close up of the heavy infantry:

Below: Massed Late Romans as seen from behind

Below:The Late Romans as seen from the business end!

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Giles said...

Lovely stuff!

Best wishes


Trailape said...

Hi Giles

BigRedBat said...

The late Romans are great!


Trailape said...

Hi Simon
They are not to the standard of your stuff though,..

Bluewillow said...

lovely scott, the LBM transfers make things easy mate. I have a late Roman army as well, not all painted yet, but they have won every outing so far. I need to play with it more as its a nice army. Are you playing WAb at Cancon?


Trailape said...

I'll do CANCON next year 2010.
Fist time in about 4 years due to work.
Not sure what I'll play though.
Probably DBA.