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Monday, November 16, 2009

Minden Miniatures: Regt Bulkeley Infanterie (28mm)

Hi All
I've just finished paining my second unit of MINDEN MINIATURES 28mm Figures. These guys are from the French range.
This time I painted them as the "Wild Geese" Regiment Bulkeley, the heros of Fontenoy.
I've include in these photos the first MINDEN MINIATURES unit I painted; the white coated Royal La Marine Regt.
The flags are from GMB Flags.
I didn't make the same mistake I did when I painted Royal La Marine,.... this time I put my glasses on and put the flags on the staffs the right way up!
These Flags are truely little works of art.

BELOW: A close up of the Grenadiers of Regt Bulkeley!

Below: The Drummer urgers the Regt forward!

BELOW: A close up photo of the magnificent GMB Flags!

BELOW: Two more pictures of the Colours!

Below: The Wild Geese maintain excellent dressing ("By The Right"!), as they advance!

I've come to the conclusion that Minden Miniature are probably the most anotomicaly correct miniature I've ever painted. Fantastic miniature that deserve better than my feeble attempts at painting them,...
Feel free to leave a comment!
Cheers For Now!


Giles said...

Fantastic! This is one of my favourite regiments, ever since I bought the "Wild Geese" Osprey when I was a teenager (my first Osprey). Lovely work.

Best wishes


Docsmith said...

Mate - these look great. Lovely looking figures, nicely done. Those GMB flags are superb.


Frank said...

Nice work and they look great together as a unit.

Just one little criticism though, you really should drill out the hands of the NCO's to take the polearms, as they look so much better and will obviously be much more secure.

Good job overall, well done.

Peeler said...

Top notch, well painted figures with quality flags.. smashing. :-)

Trailape said...

Good advice!

Lannes said...

great to see the latest ab releases
i am also napoleonic fanatic
cant wait to see your next project
and your dead and wounded cav
ps i hope you look me up

Gael Ridire/Irish Knight said...

Wait a minute, Bulkeley wasn't the only Irish Brigade at Fontenoy! There were a few others such as Clare's Regt. My next project is to do Clare's Regt., just trying to determine what makers miniatures are best suited. However, not just drummers were used, the IB was led into battle by the bagpipes! At Fontenoy they piped "The White Cockade" to added a twist when advancing against the English lines. Nice painting!