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Monday, June 2, 2014

Longstreet Campaign battle number 4

Hi Guys
Stan and I played the fourth game in our LONGSTREET campaign.
The date is now 2 March 1863 and the Union forces have had the better of the fighting winning the initial battle in 1861, losing early in '62 but bouncing back to a victory in late '62.
What follows is the After Action Report for game number 4.
Rawlins' Brigade was moving moving again in Confederate territory.
The Virginian countryside was yielding good supplies for the foraging parties. The new regiment (the 44th NY) had arrived as had the Rifle armed US 2nd Artillery. The 1st Minnesota had joined the Brigade back in late 1862 but hadn't fought at Damp Wood. Their Colonel had requested they lead the next attack the Brigade might be called on to execute. Little did he realise that Brigadier Rawlin had already identified the Regiment to be his main effort for the up coming battle.
The Brigade was tasked to secure the crossroads at the small town of Broadfordsburg.
As the scouts arrived back at Brigadier Rawlin's HQ is was apparent that they would have to attack the Confederates who were deployed behind a walled farm.

After the battle the Union Brigade now looks like this:


11th NY Fire Zouaves: Seasoned Veterans 6 bases

The Provisional 14th Brooklyn & 1st Marines: Eager Veterans 6 bases HERO!

1st Maine Heavy Arty: Eager Veterans 6 bases HERO!

The Utah Volunteers: Eager Veterans 6 base

44th New York: Seasoned Recruits 6 bases 
28th Massachusetts infantry: Seasoned Recruits 10 bases

5th US Artillery Company. 2 bases (1 6pdr gun & 1 Howitzer)
9th US Artillery Company. 2 bases (2 x Howitzer)
2nd US Artillery Company. 2 bases (Light Rifles)

44th New York Infantry: Seasoned Recruits 6 bases.

28th Massachusetts infantry: Seasoned Recruits 10 bases
6th Massachusetts Artillery Company:  2 bases (Light Rifles)

As for EPIC POINTS, Brig Rawlin's total is now 11 (3 from each previous battle and 2 for Broadfordsburg) and he had achieved one Promotion (after the 2nd battle).

There was some additional good news for the Brigadier. His Beautiful young wife had recently inherited a small fortune from an old uncle in New York. He was now WEALTHY (a extra biography card that would help in securing Promotion). She arrived at his HQ to deliver the news in person.

Furthermore the Brigade would have PRIORITY supplies for the next engagement and again the Federals had obtained some valued intelligence on the Reb's movements (a BROKEN CODE card).

Total EPs 11.
Promoted to 2 Eagles (Brigadier General) 
Stan and I also decided on a new HOUSE RULE:

BAD SURVEYING: Can not used in the enemy deployment zone and can not be place in an area between a enemy and TARGETED friendly unit once that those units are within 16cm of each other.


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Very nice, inspired work!

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Great AAR