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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GETTYSBOROUGH! Longstreet Campaign Battle No 5

Hi Guys
Stan and I are up to game 5 of our Longstreet Campaign.
It's now June 1863 (the second of three played in 1863).
So far honours have been shared with two victories each.
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So another victory to the Union forces.
The bonus for me in this engagement was picking up 5 EPIC POINTS!!
Also, my man was promoted after this battle.
The Union Brigade now looks like this:

11 NY Fire Zouaves: Cautious Veterans 5 Bases
1st Maine Heavy Artillery: Eager Veterans 6 Bases with a HERO
The Utah Volunteers: Eager Veterans 6 Bases "OLD RELIABLES"
28th Massachusetts 'Irish': Seasoned Recruits 5 Bases with a HERO
44th New York Infantry: Seasoned Recruits 8 Bases.
5th New York Zouaves: Seasoned Recruits 10 Bases (Reinforcements)

5th US Artillery: 1 6Pdr smoothbore and 1 Howitzer
1st US Artillery: 2 Howitzers
6th Massachusetts Artillery 3 x Light Rifles

Major General Rawlins 16 EPs
Promoted to 3 EAGLES


paulalba said...

All looks brilliant!

Carlo Pagano said...

Always excellent work Scotty!!

Vinnie said...

Fantastic images and AAR