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Sunday, May 25, 2014

FoG Napoleonic at LoA

ABOVE: French Light infantry attempt to cross a stream in the face of Russian Jagers.
Hi Team
About a week ago I got together with my good mate Arnaud for a game of Field Of Glory, Napoleonic (FoG:N) at The League of Ancients (LoA) in Melbourne.
We were both keen to blow the cobwebs away and have a crack at these excellent rules that fall neatly into that gap between Battalion and Grand Tactical level rules where you manoeuvre 'Regiments' or Brigades within the scope of a Corps Commander.
It had been over a year since either of us had played and with a FoG:N tournament being hosted by the LoA in July we both wanted to get back into the swing of things.
We made a few mistakes with the rules but hey, that's why were wanted to play a test game.
We had both also forgotten what a cracking good game FoG:N is.
 Arnaud and I decided to play a 800 point per side battle. I opted for a Russian Advance Guard Corps of 1806 while Arnaud ran a French Infantry Corps of 1805.
I won't give a blow by blow AAR but suffice to say we both made plenty of mistakes with the rules. Fortunately there were plenty of LoA players who were more 'current' with the rules and helped out as needed.
As for the actual battle,... Arnaud planed to demonstrate in the centre and attack on the flanks. As we all know however what you demonstrate with needs to be sufficient to be of concern to the enemy.
As the French attacks on my flanks developed (actually the only real concern was on one flank, my right) I launched an assault of my own at the French centre.

ABOVE and BELOW: The Russian Right (above) with the Cavalry Reserve of Dragoons and Cuirassiers and Horse Artillery and Centre (below)
BELOW: The Russian left flank. Conscripts in 'Square Formation' with a Battery and Cossacks in support

BELOW: Fighting erupts on the Russian Right Flank
BELOW: French pressure builds on the Russian left.
BELOW: The Russian attack in the centre goes in! Grenadiers supported by Russian Light cavalry and Artillery. Flanked by Russian Jagers on the left and a Division of Infantry and the Cavalry reserve on the right. The French are spread to thin,...
BELOW: French light infantry and Russian Jagers face off across the stream. These two brigades face off each other the entire battle.
BELOW: The French Light Cavalry division. Spectators for the entire battle. I suspect Arnaud wished he'd used them in the centre.
BELOW: The Russian assault closes with the thin French 'Assault' in the centre.

BELOW: After the Russian success in the centre the Russian Reserve cavalry attacks on the right, smashing through the French brigade between the orchard and village.
BELOW: The French failed to form 'Square' with predictable results.
BELOW: End Game!
Arnaud and I had forgotten what a great game FoG:N gives you.
Like I said, we made some mistakes with the rules but we cant wait to play again.
The LoA will be hosting a FoG:N Tournament in July and I'm keen to give my Dutch Belgian Reserve Corps of 1815 a run. A sea of crud but a pretty army.
Until then, keep your powder dry.
As usual, comments are welcomed.


Black Powder said...

Looks like a really enjoyable game, and reasonable sized too for an interesting tactical challenge. Thanks for sharing!

Phil said...

Seems to be an excellent game, love the terrain, especially the river...very nice report!

Rodger said...

Fantastic looking game!

Justin Penwith said...

Have you played more games in the campaign, but not posted them yet?

I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award in this post:

Trailape said...

Hi Justin
No, not yet. Game four will be played this coming Saturday all being well. Might even get to the halfway point and play the July '63 game also.