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Sunday, June 17, 2012

1st Gunners Wargaming give away competition

Hi Guys
Exciting news!
My good bubby Dan Dunbar of "Gunner's Wargaming" is running hs first competition.

1st Gunners Wargaming give away competition
Hi guys
The Gunners Wargaming give away will be held yearly on my birthday, 15 June
I was trying to decide what would be a good prize for a give away, when I thought the best prize is something tailor made for the individual, and something you can't get anywhere else, so my prize will be, I will collaborate with the winner to use my limited skills to create a group of characters/command stand/vehicle's/small unit, for your army, to your specification, using figures/models from my collection, and my conversion/painting skills.
So you choose the scale, period and force and if I have it in my collection I will make something for your collection.
So how big will the group of figures be? upper and low limit will be determined by how much work will be needed for each figure, and how many I have available in my collection.

15mm and 1/72 figs - 8-16ish
28mm figs - 6-12ish
15mm vehicles - 1-3
1/72nd vehicles - 1-2
28mm vehicles - don't ask, I don't have any.
Mixed - or you may want a mix of a vehicle with some crew - 1 vehicle + 4-6 crew.

I don't have a collection that covers all scales and periods, but I do have a big enough collection that I should be able to cater for most needs, some ideas could be -
1) 28mm Characters for Sharpes practice, e.g. Richard Sharpe
2) A group of 15mm Fantasy adventurers or war band
3) A squad of 15mm Space Marines
6) 1 or 2 Mechs
7) A center piece for a WWII unit

So to be eligible to enter you must
1) add a reply to this post with, scale, period, force, and make up of what you would like.
2) Follow my blog publicly.
3) post a link to this post and pimp my blog on your own blog if you have one.

Good Luck.
Just a sampe of Gunner's work. AB Miniatures Bavarians and Wurtemburgers

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DeanM said...

Those Bavarians are beauties. Best, Dean