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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hi All!
Another opportunity presented itself to get some DBA games in.
BELOW: Busted chariots fixed while you wait. Just what I need! (Stephen Hopkins' Baggage Element)

I travelled to our nation’s capital, Canberra to play in the DBA comp being held as part of the Canberra Gaming Societies ‘WINTERCON’ event.
As usual I took my Trojans along. I really must get some other 15mm DBA armies painted.
6 rounds were played.
It all started of well.
Round One saw me playing against the canny Stephen Hopkins and his Later Achemidian Persians. I killed his general in about the 2nd or 3rd turn. Game over
BELOW: Set up.
BELOW: End game. Mortal combat between Darius and Paris. Hector cheers his younger brother on from his Red Chariot!

Round Two and I was facing David Lawrence and his Pre-Fudal Scots.
BELOW: Battlelines crash. On the far right Hector and his Auxilia and an element of light archers (Ps) gang up on the Scot's King. One moment he's there,....
 BELOW: .... and the next moment he's gone!
It was another rather quick game and another win for my Trojans.  Yet again another enemy General was dispatched. Hector was now dragging two corpses behind his chariot.
Round Three and the wheels fell off; literally! I was facing Brenton Searle and his East Frankish.
This was a nightmare match up for me. His Foot (Spears and Blades) overmatched my Spears and single Blade, and his Knights overmatched my Chariot Cavalry. I lose.
 ABOVE and BELOW: The East Frankish horde proves too much for Hector and the lads, "sigh"

Round Four and we’re back on track with a hard fought win over Central Asian City States ably commanded by Steven Vassalo.
 ABOVE: A hasty redeployment of my chariots was called for after a overly complex initial deployment.
BELOW: Hector scores a breakthrough,....
 BELOW: .... And sweeps in behind the the CACS cavalry line to clinch victory!

Round Five and I was up against Jason Dickie and his Italian Condotta. A tough game for me due to Jason’s abundance of Knights, Bow, and Spear (with a Light Horse element and some Blade also IIRC).
I was blessed with an abundance of pips, so was able to work a flank and clobber his Bow and eventually it was sudden death for us both, being 3 elements each down.
 ABOVE and BELOW: My initial deployment. Using the wood as cover I move my blades (dimounted Chariots) to threaten Jason's flanks.
 BELOW: The battle goes down to the wire with the final combat going Jason's way. A loss, but with honour.
Jason won the 50-50 contest and took the game, (but only just).
Round Six and I was playing Later Imperial Romans, (East).
This was another tough game that could have gone either way and ended up going the wrong way for me.
 ABOVE and BELOW: The combined arms killing machine that is the Later Roman Army proves to hard a nut to crack. Blades and Knights prove too much,...

All in all a great day of DBA gaming with a podium finish for Hector and the Lads!
Results were as follows: 
Brenton Searle – 1st III/52 East Frankish – 42 points
Lawrence Greaves 2nd – II/78b Late Imperial Roman (East) – 42 points
Scott Driscoll (Me) 3rd – I/26b Trojan – 34 points 
Gentleman’s Award – Steve Vassalo (by a very clear majority of votes)
Magister Militum – (Highest Adjusted Score) – Steve Hopkins
Executioner Award (most kills in a game) – Jason Dickie (with 7 kills)

 ABOVE and BELOW: Just two photos of other games nearby.

Cheers for now.
Comments Welcomed.


Phil Broeders said...

Enjoyed the AAR's. I like the idea of different era troops fighting each other. Sounds like you did well with a tricky troop set to play.


Phil said...

Ouch, I didn't know your blog, very very nice!
Photos are great, figs excellent, and we share a lot of periods! I'll come back...

Doug said...

Nice report Scott. Sounds like you had some tough games, both Jason and Brenton are very good players.