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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Battle Of Stansburg. Another Maurice AAR

 Hi Guys
I recently played another game of MAURICE and thought I would share.
I used my 1806 Prussians again as substitutes for my 'yet to be completed' imagi-nation, Electorate of Clements Unt Edwarts.
Stan played with a rebuilt Free State of Northern Virginia.
The battlefield was as follows.
On my right there were two lage cultivated fields (rough ground) with a long wall running along the southern edge of the field nearest to my center. This field had a small hill (Potato Hill) next to it. Running down the center of the battlefield was a road running from the north to the small hamlet of Stansburg. A road branched off heading west to the Apple Orchard.
Further north was a large hill (Observer's Mound) and on the road heaing north was the village of Puckavonyal.
I was tasked with defending.
My deployment can be seen above and below.
BELOW: My left flank. All my cavalry massed in one force making up my Left Wing Command, with the Jagers and 3 Regiments of foot making up my Center Command.

BELOW: My right flank. 3 Regiments of infantry, with one deployed behind the Tall Wall, one Regiment on Potato Hill and a thrid Regiment deployed behind the Grand Battery of my Artillery Command.

 BELOW: My notables. They achieved nothing in this batte, 'sigh'.
ABOVE: My notables for this battle.
BELOW: Stan deployed in three commands. Four infantry regiments on his left flank, including a Regiment of Mercenary Militia. In the center he massed four Infantry Regiments including his Govenor Of Free Virginian Hessian Guards plus a regiment of irregulars. Between these two Infantry commands were his tows Batteries of Artillery.

BELOW: On Stan's right he deployed his three Regiments of Horse.
Let battle begin.
A cold breeze swept across the valley floor.
The Elector is talking with his Regimental Commanders and RSMs.
"Today ve defend. I'm confident we we send ze Virginians packing like ve did last time ve met.* They have rebuilt their army however, and have worked on their Drill".
The commander of Prinz Peter's Cuirassiers spoke up;
"It will take more than fancy foot work to best us Sire"!
The Elector nodded as he looked past his officers towards the enemy forming up in the distance.
"We will let them come on and smash themselves on our Guns and muskets. Return to your regiments and prepare your men for the dance".

* See previous AAR HERE

Stan opened proceedings with a co-ordinated move by his left Infantry Command and right Cavalry command. I countered by wheeling my Grand Battery to lay on the advancing Infantry. A load groan was heard to come from the mercenary Militia as the realised they would be the fist the endure my gunners wrath.
BELOW: The Grand Battery wheels out in preparation to lay waste to the enemy infantry.
ABOVE: My artillery prepares to fire.
BELOW: Boom boom boom booom,......... boom boom boom! Within short order 3 disruption is inflicted on the mercenaries as roundshot plowes into them.

BELOW: Stan's left wing of 4 Regiments advances on my right. 

"Hmmmm, what's he at? Surely he doesn't hope to roll my right flank? the rough ground and wall will surely cause him no end of grief. I'll have shot him o shreds before he can hope to cross bayonets with me".
BELOW: Even with his 'OBLIQUE' national characteristic Stan's infantry still picked up some distruption due to the terrain. My mased cannon also added to his woes.
"He appears to be trying to get around my right. Foolish man! Now he's in range of my muskets. Pour it into them mine kinder"!!!!
BELOW: The first Volley phase of the battle. My muskets crackle and the mercenaries are reduced to a fleeing mob.
An ADC rides up to the Elector:
"Sire, the enemy have mangaed to get a Regiment pass the Long Wall"
"Ja, I see" replies the Elector, "But there seems to be some confusion in there ranks,.. look the lead Regiment is withdrawing through their own supporting Regiment! HA, das is gut. Dunderklompen"!
Below: I play a "CONFUSSION" card and Stan's attack on my right falters.
The faltering attack on my right seemed to be the que for Stan to advance in the center. Leaving his Artillery to the rear, his cetral Infantry command swept forward. (SEE BELOW)
Soon the two central commands were exchaging volleys and another one of Stans Regiments were soon feeling the hurt thanks to some hot work by my Infantry. My "LETHAL VOLLEY" characteristic was doing greater execution than Stans musketry.
BELOW: The fire-fight erupts in the center.

BELOW: More card trickery. The result was mass disruption on Stan's second infantry Regiment.
Stans Guards and the Infantry on their left flank now charged with the bayonet. The hand to hand was brutal, but my Regiments held their ground and then delivered more hot lead.
This proved too uch for the infantry on the left of Stan's Guards and they fled to the rear.
With the loss of the leading Infanrty regiment Stan moved up a 2nd line egiment into the gap. and more volleys were exchanged.
BELOW: The Fog Of War:
Stan's Guards seemed on the verge of breaking, but their Commanding Officer stepped forward to inspire his men:
"Die Hard Hessians! Look, your Govenor is watching you"! With that a mighty cheer went up and they delivered a crashing volley that broke my Regiment before them.
The Elector was not happy:
"Plug the gap! send forword Von Zillmann's Regiment; SCHNELL"!
BELOW: Von Zillmann's Regiment advances into the gap.

"That should fix th,........ WHAT! What is this"?!?!
How things can change. Suddenly two more volleys and the central command was destroyed by volleys and the bayonet. Two batteries were soon over run and moral collapsed as the Hessian Guards charged into Stansburg.

ABOVE and BELOW: It's all over. The Govenor's Hessian Guard storm into Stansburg. The Elector orders a withdrawal. Bitter defeat.
In the end Stan's army was 3 moral point from breaking, so it was a very close game.
What did I learn.
Place supporting units directly behind the regiment they are tasked to support.
Irregular units make good garrisons (well, I suspect they would).
Leathal Volleys is only a good characteristic if you actually score HITS. It's nice to be able to roll failed disruption, but it's no use to you if you can't score hits,...
This game confirms what I already knew about MAURICE. It's really really good fun.
All over in under two and a quarter hours.
Comments wlcomed.


Phil said...

Very nice!
Your table is really great, and figs wonderful...a great period and a great AAR!

DestoFante said...

This is truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Sgt Steiner said...

Another great AAR for a really good set of rules that I must get another game with soon

Bluewillow said...

nice report Scott!!!


Dave said...

Good stuff Scott, the Prussians made for good sized infantry units and really looked the part.

Cant wait for the next game.

cae5ar said...

Your battle reports are a pleasure to read and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Trailape said...

Thanks! I do try and make them 'entertaining and readable'.