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Monday, May 28, 2012


 Hi All
Well, LITTLE WARS (Melbourne's 'Wargame Day Of Fun') has come and gone for another year.
It was, as usual, a great day out. I manage to sell some stuff at the 'Bring and Buy' so actually walked away with my wallet slightly thicker than when I walked in, (for a change).
There were as swag of excellent games on display.
The Best one was, (in my opinion) the BLACK POWDER 'Borodino' Demo game. Beauitiful 28mm miniatures on excellent terrain.  See a swag of photos below:

 BELOW: BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM,...... boom boom boom? OLD GUARD Artillery in action.

 BELOW: Ancients being played using Board game rules. An adaption from the COMMAND & COLORS (colours?) board game
 BELOW: FIELD OF GLORY: NAPOLEONIC. 15mm Napoleonics played on 'Teddy Bear' fur.
The battle was Waterloo. Apparently no Teddy Bears were harmed,...
 A great looking game, though the unit 'Tags' detracted from it I think.

 BELOW: FORCE ON FORCE! 28mm Modern combat in Afghanistan,.... when I last had a look the Coalition forces had sustained some heavy casualties. Sure to look bad in the papers and put Mr and Mrs 'citizen' off their breakfast. 'sigh'.
 BELOW: A rather spiffy game of English Civil War action using Black Powder PIKE & SHOTTE rules I believe.

BELOW: I entered my Peninsular War British Light Dragoons in the Painting comp and they collected a Silver Medal!!
All in all a cracking good day of Wargame Goodness!!!!


lesfoudresdelaigle said...

En espérant de nouvelles photos sur la bataille de Borodino. A bientôt Christian

Rodger said...

Great photos of some stunning looking games. Congrats on the silver medal too.

Delaware Area War Gamers said...

Fantastic pictures. Way to go on the silver medal. That Borodino game looks great, wish i were there.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Some stunning looking games there. The Borodino game looks awesome!

David Dormvik said...

Absolutely STUNNING!

Mal's Blog said...

Impressive stuff Trailape!

Dan said...

Hi Scott, photo's look good, and congrats on the silver.

Trailape said...

Hi Danl
Congrates to you mate,... you painted them! ;o)