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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Swamped by FERNANDO!

FE's efforts at my Italian Guard Conscripts, (Officer and Drummer)

Hi Team
Fernando Enterprise, (FE) has sent me a bucket load of pictures of figures I've sent to them for painting, (see my ealier posts).
Check them out! First we have a Mounted Officer of the Velites of the Italian Guard and a French Drummer of a Line Regt in "Imperial" Livery:
I think the Italian chap looks rather grand, (both AB miniatures 18mm scale figures).
Next we have a Grenadier and an Eagle Escort (or a "Deuxieme Portaigles" as we say in french) of the French 84th Line, and two Grenadiers of the 108th Line:

All are AB's except for the chap bitting the cartridge who is a "Eureka Miniatures" figure in "1812" Bardin Regulation uniform. They look rather good I think.
Next is the French "Light" Infantry. From left to right, Carabinier, "hornist", Voltigeur and finally a Deuxieme Portaigle with Halberd.
Next we have Some "Middle Guard" Fusilier Chasseurs : Eagle Bearer, (I guess I'll need to straighten out the pole once I have them back home), Officer and Fusilier.

This is a classic example of figures being painted by non-wargamers. Any wargamer would "straighten" any "bent bits" prior to painting. I just know once I straighten out this guys flag pole (Staff), paint will be shed, "sigh".

Another "puzzling development" was this chap:
I asked FE to paint up some figures as the Provisional Croation Regt. Not a big asked you'd think, considering I provided plenty of pictures of the units uniform. When this picture turned up I had no idea who he was ment to be. The tag said "Fusilier 84th French Line". But with GREEN pants and a grey / white jacket?? "Nah, that can't be right"! Then I though, "he looks a bit familier though".
"But of course, he's a Provisional Croat", (that explains the green trousers). But what's with the greyish jacket? Well one of the pictures I sent have a voltigeur in a grey Greatcoat. Now any devotee of Napoleonic wargaming could tell the difference between a Greatcoat and a jacket, but not the dude that was painting this guy. "Sigh" (again). I hope FE understands the corrective advice I've sent. Below are the other Provisional Croations.

Another example of incorrect "tags" was this "Prussian Gun":
Problem is I only sent FRENCH guns to be painted. At least it's the correct colour. Yipppeee!
Finally some Joseph Napoleon Spanish (Drummer, Sapper and Eagle Escort), and French Line Voltigeurs.

I do like the look of the "Eureka Miniatures" Line Voltigeurs.
That's all for now!

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