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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fernando! Please Fix My Croat!

Hi Trend Setters
Well Fernando Enterprise has sent me a picture of a Provisional Croatian Regiment Voltigeur that needed correcting. The 1st effort(you may recall from a earlier post) had my Voltigeurs in GREY Jackets, (the artist had issues telling the differnce between Jackets and Greatcoats). Anyway, it appears we're getting there. The left hand figure was the 2nd attempt, (no cuffs painted, epaulets missing their yellow trim), and his waistcoat is GREEN.
It's should be white as per the picture I sent. The second from left fellow is the3rd effort. Almost there! Turnbacks, and cuffs painted and epaulets have their yellow trim. Still no white waistcoat however. "SIGH"
Finally on the the right we have the most recent effort. As you can see the waistcoat is now been painted white. Great, and they also sent a picture of the figure from behind. He does look great from behind ,... Ummmm, I don't believe I just said that (gulp).
All In all, I'm pleased with the results,.... Cheers

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