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Monday, September 22, 2008

Ancients From Fernando and "some other stuff"

Hi All
As promised, I've posted some pictures of ancients
I asked Fernando Enterprise (FE) to paint.
These figures were actually sent prior to the dispatch of my 15/18mm Napoleonic figures, but I thought I'd upload these pictures just to show you what you can expect from FE if you ask for "SHOWCASE" quality.
The first image is of a FOUNDRY 28mm Hypasapist Foot Companion, (middle figure).
He's painted to "SHOWCASE" quality. The shield is hand-painted, (no, it's not a decal). It's a profile of Alexander the Great as the Son of Zues. The photo doesn't do the figure justice. It's a real work of art. I have a unit of 24, (and yes they all have the same magnificent shield)!

Very Happy
The mounted figure on the right is an OLD GLORY 28mm ALEXANDER, (from the OG Macedonian Command pack if I recall correctly).
Again, painted to "SHOWCASE" quality. Again, the figure is brilliant! The horse is really nice. I should have told FE to paint the Horse Black, ala Buchephalis (excuse the spelling Confused), but I forgot to. Just goes to show that you really need to take your time in preparing your order.

Finally the fig on the left is a FOUNDRY Macedonian Pikeman, (less Shield). Painted to "COLLECTOR" quality.
These guys, (about 64 of them) were quite nice.
The next photo is of MIRILTON 15mm medieval Russians
Sorry about to dodgy quality of the photo All are painted to "SHOWCASE" quality.
Again the photo doesn't do the artist justice. I've shown these guys to a few mates, and they all agree the are some of the best painted 15mm figures they have ever seen. I'll upload a better picture with the next few weeks.
I also got some Marian Romans and Carthaginians in 28mm from them. I'll try and post some more pictures soon.
By the way, I'm listening to a podcast as I type; and it's rather good. Called:

There is a bit of content that's not really to my liking (especially when he talks of Lord of The Rings stuff), but it's kinda like listening to Radio for wargamers. You can check it out at:

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