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Friday, August 15, 2008

What's on the Table?

Hi All
What with all the "good oil" on Painting Service Providers I've been inspired to do some more painting of my own. Currently I'm working on a Brigade of French Infantry for IV Corps, Grand Armee of 1812. Most are in greatcoat, so not too much of a challenge. I'll also start on some Russian Militia of the same period. Again, most in greatcoats. All are the exceptionally fine AB MINIATURES purchased from the very fine Nic Robson of EUREKA MINIATURES, right here in "not so sunny" Melbourne.
I hope to get some pictures uploaded soon.
By the way, I've heard back from Reinforcements By Post that my order is almost complete. I've requested that they do the basing also. Consequently it'll be another few weeks until they arrive.
I must say the passage of information from RBP has been excellent! Neil at RBP is an ex-pat Brit, so communication for the linguisticallychallanged (those like me who are limited to English), is never an issue. He'll even share his thoughts on what book he's reading at the time,..
All very friendly really!
Anyhooo, that's all for now.

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