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Monday, August 4, 2008

News from Fernando!

Below (L-R): FE Joseph Napoleon Regiment Voltigeur,
& Fusilier Chasseur and Fusilier Grenadier de la Guard.

Hi Guys

Fernando Enterprise (FE) have sent me "Progess" images of my order.
Just so you know, FE sends pictures of your figs and ask if you're happy with how the figure looks, you then send your reply and they continue from there.

I was happy with all the figs except the Italian Guard Grenadier, (the Bearskin Plume was initially painted red with a green tip?) It should be ALL red. I told them and they fixed it. Other than that, it appears they are doing a fine job. They are all painted to "COLLECTOR" Quality, and are not yet finished. I'll post more pictures of the finished results once they arrive. Thus far communication between FE and I has been good.

Italian Guard Foot

ABOVE(L-R): Grenadier, Carabinier and Velite Carabinier.
BELOW(L-R): Croation Infantry Fusilier and Grenadier and Italian 2nd Chasseurs a Cheval

More updates soon.
"Renown awaits the commander who first restores artillery to
its prime importance on the battlefield". Winston Churchill.

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