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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Well, I've gone and done it! I've become a "Blogger"! So now what?
Well, I guess I should say a few things about who I am and what's the purpose of this Blog.
I guess I'll just say that I'm a wargamer, and that it's my intention to use this blog to post game reports, show-off and track my "projects" and post reviews of "all things" wargame related.
Wargames! Now there is a broad topic. By wargames I mean (mainly) Miniature wargames, Computer Wargames and maybe even the occassional Board Wargame.
So what are my main interests (wagame wise)?
I must Napoleonics are back on the radar in a big way, (after a great period of inactivity on my part). I first really got into wargames playing Miniature Napoleonic back in the very early '80s. I played in 25mm scale, using mainly Minifigs miniatures and WRG's "Horse and Musket" rules. They were crap rules, so I ended up playing Ancients using 15mm figures, (mainly TTG and Irregular Miniatures) and "Spear and Shield" rules penned by good friend Dallas Gavan. GREAT RULES in their day. Then I found DBA and later DBM. DBA was, (and still is) my favourite Ancients rule set. DBM had, (in my opinion), gone off the rails in the last couple of year. Field Of Glory and DBMM now seem to be the mainstream Ancient rules out there today. Which will reign supreme? I don't know, but I suspect FOG will rise as the new Ancients benchmark.
Personally I still think DBA, (and Armati 2nd edition) are FAR better rules!
Other systems I like are "Hordes Of The Things" for fantasy gaming and "I ain't been Shot, Mum" for WW2 gaming.
As for Napoleonics; hmmmmmmm. Well it's a toss up between DBNv2 (much like DBA actually), Fast-Play Grande Armée (FPGA), and Age Of Eagles, (simlar to the very popular "Fire And Fury" American Civil War rules).
Currently I'm building up THREE, (count 'em; 3), Napoleonic armies in 18mm scale. They are The IV Corps of the French Grand Army of 1812 with the addition of the Imperial Guard, A Russian Corps from 1812, and a British Penisular War Corps, (again of 1812).
For Ancients I'm building Marian Romans, Alexandrian Imperial, and Trojan War Mycaneans and Trojans, (all in 28mm scale).
I'll keep you posted on their progress. That's all for today. Again, welcome to my world away from the "real" world.

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