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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Field of Glory- Napoleonics. My copy arrived.

Hi all I've just received my copy of 'Field of Glory, Napoleonics'. First impressions are that it is a very well presented product. The book is very well constructed. By that I mean it's well bound and looks and feels like it will hold together. If you've ever held the Field of Glory, Ancients books you'll know what I mean. Good news for me is I won't need to do any rebasing to play a game. As some of you might know I use LASALLE as my preferred rules, so if FoG-N takes off, my 18mm armies are good to go. Anyway, I'll give these rules a good read and hopefully get a game in soon. I'll post a review after I've pushed some miniatures around. Cheers


John de Terre Neuve said...

It does look like an investing set, I am about to try a play test on the abridged quick start rules, which are written with more clarity then the book, for sure.


Allan and Carmen said...

It will be interesting toy hear your thoughts on the FOG - Nap rules.

I just picked up a copy of Napoleon at War and the rules look very nice.

I am caught between the usual GW games and starting historical gamess with guys who have been pushing Napoleonic figures around for years.

Looking forward to more of you posts!

Happy Gaming,


VolleyFireWargames said...

Already checked out the quick play version - not sure these rules are worth it you have to convert everything and I prefer a set of rules that lays out formations to be used, etc - Even Black powder seems better than the quick play version of these rules on line - would be interesting to see your playtest results