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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gauls And Germans

Above. Ancient Germans. A mix of Old Glory, 1st Corp and Foundry figures
I just finished basing some 28mm Ancients. I've had them painted for some time, but only now got round to basing them. I'm working on a 20mm frontage per figure system, hoping for maximum flexibility, as I use a variety of rule systems.
Below: German Comand Group. Normaly I would have 3 miniature on a 60mm wide base, but this is a Command stand, soooo,...

Below: Gaul Command base, with a suspiciously 'German' looking noble in the front rank, (from 1st Corps).

Below: "Hey, careful with those spears,... someone could get hurt"!

Below: Asterix was keen to 'get ahead' in society,...

Below: A small part of what will eventually be my 200 + Gaul Warband
All miniatures were painted by me, using the ARMY PAINTER method.

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