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Thursday, March 10, 2011

French Battery In Action!

ABOVE: "No.1,... LOAD"!
Hi All
I've finally finished my French Battery in 28mm.
I've base the figures individually, so I can use them for 'SHARP PRACTICE' and 'SONG OF DRUMS & SHAKO' games, as well as LASALLE.
For games like 'Lasalle' I will simply place the Guns on bases with a 40mm frontage, or two or three guns on a base with a 160mm frontage to represent the '4 gun' battery used in Lasalle.

The miniatures are from EUREKA MINIATURES; 'French Revolutionary Wars' range, but They will do for Early Empire also I suspect.
Below: You can just make out a young General Napoleon laying the gun on the left,..

I painted them using the Army Painter method, and am quite happy with the results.

One of the nice features with the EUREKA MINIATURES Artillery is the swag of equipment you get with each gun. All manner of rammers, and sponges, buckets, and musket stacks, ammo boxes, (both open and closed).

As a gunner myself, I really like these models.
You can see more of EUREKA MINIATURE artillery at my IMAGI-NATION Blog, HERE! and
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Trailape Out!


Rosbif said...

Lovely work! You obviously know your guns and get a kick out of Eureka's detail.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Impressive battery size and nice painting.


Galpy said...

Those guns and crew look awesome great work mate

Ray Rousell said...

Very impressive painting, love the striped trousers!

Giles said...

Beautiful painting. I saw all these figures "in the flesh" at the Eureka shop a couple of weeks ago. The revolutionary wars range is fantastic and full of juicy details like the extra bits and pieces you referred to. I was very tempted by the artillery crews, but thought the uniforms wouldn't quite fit in with the AWI.

Best wishes


Allan and Carmen said...

Very nice looking figures.

I have long wanted to collect 28mm Napoleonics. Especially with Victrix and Perry's offerings.

Why change from 15/18mm to the larger scale?

Do you need more room to play?

I saw a game of 15mm 7YW last night and now understand why people play that scale to get the effect of a larger battle with the ebb and flow.

Happy Gaming,


Trailape said...

Hi Allen.
I play Big battles in 18mm, and use 28mm mainly for 'Skirmish' type games. That said, I can play 'LASALLE' using either 28mm or 18mm on roughly the same playing area, (6 x 4 feet). In 28mm scale I just have 16 figs in a battalion, rather than 32 x 18mm figures in a battalion. Also, now with the Perry and Victrix figs, is actually Cheaper for me to put together an army in 28mm than to do so using 18mm AB Miniatures; (and is i do 18mm I use AB miniatures). Old Glory 15mm figs are a different matter,...

Rafael Pardo said...

Very nice figures ans painting work. I like the 'republican' trousers!
Best regrads

Trailape said...

Hi Rafael
Thanks! I do try,.

Docsmith said...

Hi Scott - I've just nominated you for a blog style award as I started my blogging seriously pretty much after I found yours and drew inspiration from it.

So here it is:

Feel free to indulge or not - I still like your blog and visit regularly.


Trailape said...

Hi Doc
Well thank you vry much indeed. Unfortunatly I've not posted to my blog for some time, as I'm OS with the army at the moment. Cheers

RazorOne223 said...

Nice work, Again. I have nominated you for Stylish Blogger Award you can see the rules over at my blog at :)