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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Napoleonic FRENCH 18mm WIPs, DONE!

BELOW: French line infantry, 1814!
Hi All
Here is some final results for the 18mm Napoleonic French I've been working on.
(See here: CLICK).
Below: French Line Infantry 1814. Most wearing their Greatcoats as the try to stem the advancing allies drives into France. They are either AB or Fantassin Miniatures. Based for 'Lassale'. Painted using the ARMY PAINTER method.

ABOVE: French 'Elites' dash forward to peper the enemy with skirmish fire. Based individually, I can use them for either 'Lasalle' as Skirmish Markers or for SHARP PRACTICE.
Below: French Curassiers under fire!
All AB Miniatures, (might be Battle Honours Miniatures).

They were a rush job, but look ok. Good enough for gaming anyway, I think.
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Bluewillow said...

looking good Scott,

Sometimes I wish i had started in 18mm for my French, although they probaly still wouldn't be painted!!!!


paulalba said...

Very nice figures

Dan said...

Great work Scott.

Ray Rousell said...

Lovely looking figures and very well painted, nice one!!

Anonymous said...

Good Work Scott very nicely done.