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Monday, February 14, 2011

28mm French Naval Artillery, 1813. 2nd Regt

I've always wanted to created this Regiment in miniature. Ever since reading about them and their 3 sister Regiments in Francois-Guy HOUURTOULLE's 'Soldiers and Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars'. Being a Gunner myself, any Artillery Regiment holds my interest. Naval Artillery and deployed as Infantry was just too tempting,...
I used Mainly PERRY miniatures. Most are Flank Company figures from the Plastics Box Set, but there are also some 3rd/4th Regt Imperial Guard from the Perry's 1815 Campaign Set. There are also some VICTRIX Old Guard figs with Bearskin wearing heads replaced with Shako wearing heads from the Line infantry box set.
BELOW: A Battalion from the 2nd Regt advances!

I attempted some 'modifications' by adding 'rips' to some trousers and coats with 'greenstuff'. Below is a Gunner from the Regiment with a 'greenstuff' rip in his trouser knee.

BELOW: Another 'greenstuff' mod. This time the young officer with 'tatty trousers'.

BELOW: The Battalion from behind.

BELOW: Skirmishers! The two gunners in Greatcoats are from the VICTRIX OLD GUARD set with heads wearing shakos from the VICTRIX Line Infantry set.

I've based them for both 'LASALLE' and 'SHARP PRACTICE', (two cracking good rule sets IMHO).
I painted them using the 'ARMY PAINTER' method, (block colours, dip, and spray).
All I need do to finish the unit off is get my hands on a Flag to go with the Eagle.
So who make a Naval Artillery flag?
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Ubique said...

Good looking unit. Nice work with the greenstuff as well.


Giles said...

I like these a lot - I'd never heard of this unit before. The rips are a lovely touch.

Best wishes