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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Painting Complete!

LEFT: A PERRY MINIATURES Officer painted by me using the ARMY PAINTER method.
Hi All
It’s time for another update.

This time here are some pictures of AB Miniatures 18mm and Perry and Victrix 28mm figures I’ve recently finished. I painted them all using the “Army Painter” (AP), method.

I start with spraying the miniature with Flat Black paint, except for the Portuguese Cacadores, (I used Brown as the base coat for them). Next, I painted the miniature with “block” colours and then “slopped” on AP Strong Tone dip. Finally I sprayed them with AP anti-shine varnish. Base and flock, then play!

First here is some French Artillery I painted up.

Now it must be said that in the first picture the gunners were painted by DRAGON PAINTING SERVICE, (DPS) but the guns, and the the remaining Gunners were painted by me. Most are AB Miniatures, but you will notice some FANTASSIN Miniatures (guns and gunners) also. The Destroyed guns are from EUREKA MINIATURES.

(Below) AB Miniature Gunners (with DPS Painted Gunners on Nos 1,2, and 3 Guns) The 4th AB Miniature gun and Gunners were painted by me.

(Below): A mix of AB and FANTASSIN Miniature Guns and Gunners painted by me.

(BELOW) The massed guns. Every Gunners dream!

Now lets look at some 28mm figures. Here is acomparison photo of the VICTRIX (R) and PERRY (L) NCOs with Pennants. The Perry figure comes as one of 6 figures in the code FN13 "Line Infantry NCO" pack. The Victrix figure came with a Multi Box deal, so I don't know if you can buy him as an individual figure.

(BELOW): The VICTRIX and PERRY NCO side by side

I think you'd agree both are great figures.

Next is some PERRY "Voltigeurs" (code FN8), that I've painted as Grenadiers and a PERRY Officer


Back to 18mm AB Miniatures again. Here are some Portuguese Cacadores and Militia.

(Below):A mixed Militia unit. The guys in back with the Sky Blue Plumes are the 18th Militia. The guys in front are from some "non-discript" Militia unit.

Next we have some British.
First, some "Skirmish" bases for LASALLE. Two figs to a base represent a skirmish value of "2". You might notice a base with 3 figures? These are for my "Elite" 6 base unit, (with a skirmish value of "3").

(Below) A Light Infantry unit of 4 bases for LASALLE.

(ABOVE AND BELOW): Casualty markers.

Finally, I found some Austrian Figures lying around so I thought I'd paint the up.
The Hungarian Grenadiers aren't fully painted yet, (the Drum and Hats still need finishing). The Hussars are finished however,..
I have no intention of making an Austrian army; though they do look cool,...
"Must resist urge to start another 18mm Napoleonic army,.... Already have too many projects,..... Must resist,......." (Sigh)
Feel free to leave a comment.
Trailape Out.


Galpy said...

Man you've been very busy since the last post they look awesome, Not sure if i'll be using army painter or not yet but it seems to work real well.
Cheers Galpy

Trailape said...

Hi Galpy
I Like the Army Painter stuff, (Dip, base coats and varnish), but you do have to be carefull with the aplication of the Anti-shine Varnish. Too much and it really gives the figs a "dusty" appearance I have found. Better a light spray, then a 2nd light coat rather than a single heavy coat.