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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Releases from AB and EUREKA

ABOVE: A EUREKA MINIATURES French Chasseur a Cheval Trumpeter!

ABOVE: Two shots of 28mm Chasseurs a Cheval from EUREKA.
Hi All.
I 've just got back from a visit to EUREKA MINIATURES and thought I'd show you what's been recently produced by Nic's team.

First; some very nice 28mm French Chasseurs a Cheval. I purchased the Troopers in the "Long" tailed coat, but you can purchase these French Light Cavalry in Short Tails and in the Waist hugging "Hussar Style" jacket. Also available are Troopers wearing the "Tarlton" style helmet rather than Shako.
Another little gem is a model of the "Little Corporal", Napoleon.
These 28mm Figures from EUREKA are not yet on their web site, so no ordering codes yet,..
Another FANTASTIC (and long awaited?) release is French Dragoon and Cuirassier casualties; (4 of each type). These are AB Miniatures 18mm figures. I understand that these will be followed by the French "Light" cavalry types. The horses, (again, 4 different horses in various poses), are the same for both Cuirassiers and Dragoons. These will be very useful for my prefered rules; LASALLE. I do wish there was some models of troopers still "in the saddle" either falling off "hit" or maybe on the horse as it's crashing down.
BELOW: CUIRASSIER Casualties, (sorry for the blurry pics)

BELOW: The dead and wounded DRAGOONS.


Galpy said...

very jealous to be able to go and visit is beyond me to far away, The dead and dying cav figures are great I have some on my diorama

Trailape said...

Your diorama look great. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished item,..

Docsmith said...

Scott - love the casualties - they all 28mm too? Can't find any reference (or much at all for 28mm Napoleonics for that matter) on the Eureka site. If they're decent dragoon casualties (and they look it) might consider getting some in anticipation of my Perry's dragoons. A couple for the cuirassiers wouldn't go amiss either.


Trailape said...

Hi Doc
Sorry mate, but ABs are 18mm!
I also have Perry Dragoons on Pre-order. I suspect the Perry's will do Dragoon Casualties (in metal). Their Cuirasier casulties are awesome.
The link to EUREKA Miniatures 28mm "Napoleonics" is:
They are actually trom their French revolutionary War range

Allan and Carmen said...


I finally caved and ordered the Lasalle Rules after reading your blog and other reviews (mostly your blog).

Does the use of 28mm affect the table size when playing at all? At the moment I have an 8' x 4' table.

I am torn between the nice new miniatures from Victrix, Perrys, Front Rank and Calpe which look great Vs. Using AB figures from Eureka. Any Advice to give to a new player of Napoleonic gaming?

Happy Gaming and keep posting as I am enjoying it alot.


Trailape said...

Hi Allen
An 8 x 4 table is plenty big enough I think. I have 6 x 4 myself.
As for scale? Well ABs are fantastic figs, but so are the PERRY figs. Depending on where you live Perry and VICTRIX plastics are about the same price,or maybe even CHEAPER than the ABs, (due to postage costs, VAT / GST etc).
AB 18mm are easier to store, and you can have more figs on the table with 18mm than 28mm.
I find 18mm easier to paint also.
It really is a matter of personal preference. I have both. I use AB Mins 18mm for Lasalle, FPGA, AoE etc and 28mm for SHARP PRACTICE and other Skirmish or Battalion Level rules.I game the American Revolution (AWI)in 28mm also, (but that's because EUREKA and PERRY do such fantastic 28MM FIGS in that scale).
I hope that helps.

Allan and Carmen said...

Thanks for replying so quickly.

I managed to get a Victrix Mounted Highlander Colonels and foot pioneer blister cheaply today so I might swing a brush at them and try some AB figures as well to see which way to go.

Many thanks,


Galpy said...

whats been happening here in Trailape land i always pop over to keep updated with site, It's hard keeping things on the blogs with life work and family. I finished the diorama and now i think I'll put it on ebay, Nic from Eureka said i need to improve my profile by sell on line.

Trailape said...

I've been painting a fair bit. Nearly finished some 18mm AB Cacadores, English Light Infantry, and British Skirmish markers for Lasalle. Also nearly finished some 28mm French ELIET COY figures, (for SHARP PRACTICE). I am also working on some 15mm Ancients. "phew"
Nic is correct I think. If you intend on selling online you probably need to advertise more.

Larry said...


Great post!

Do you know how well the EUREKA Miniatures would mix with Old Glory 28mm minis?


Trailape said...

Hi Larry
I'm not sure.
I'll try and find out.

VolleyFireWargames said...

hey there how do you use the casualty markers in your rules?

Trailape said...

I use the casualties two ways:
1. I place on bases with other figures to add some "spice" to the element / base (thus creating a small "diorama" effect); and,
2. As Disruption Markers, (which are required in my prefered rules, "LASALLE").
Lots of rules need markers to remind players of moral test being required ect.