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Saturday, May 2, 2009

EUREKA! Some more figures to paint!

Hi All
Thought it was about time I came through with an update. Before I start, I thought I'd show you what MY painting table looks like. Not at all the neat and tidy desk that the vast majority would be use to I expect.
Here we see some MINDEN MINIATURES French Infantry I'm working on, (more on these later), and some completed EUREKA MINIATURES and some near completed AB Miniatures.

First let's look at the Minden Miniatures French.
I'd like to say I could paint to a standard that these guys deserve, unfortunately I can't. What I can say is they are beautiful little miniatures. They are probably the most anatomically correct miniatures I've ever seen. Fantastic detail. My only criticisms are that they are all posed the same, (marching), and they just don't seem to fit in well with other "28mm" figures, (IMHO). It must be remembered though that these miniatures are a "Private" venture, so the commissioner has stipulated that "Marching Troops" is what he wants. I suspect he also doesn't give a flying fig (no pun intended), if they don't fit in well with OLD GLORY or FOUNDRY miniatures.
The other miniatures I'd like to show you are some delightful French and Indian War (FIW), Militia that I picked up by chance from Nic at EUREKA MINIATURES. I say "by chance" as it was whilst I was discussing some ideas pertaining to sculpting of 18th Century Artillery that I noticed on Nic's work desk one of these little guys. In short order I'd purchased about 26 of these little fellas who will be soon (I hope) painted up as a fictional Militia Unit for my Imagi-Nation, The Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales.
They are available in either "Marching" or "Firing Line" poses. As usual for EUREKA MINIATURES, there are some subtle differences within each pose, (about 4 within each "pose"). I couldn't find any reference to these miniatures on Nic's Website, but I'm sure you could get some if you either described them as FIW Militia, ("those figures with Tricorn Hats and hatchets in their belts,..") or point him to his blog!
I was also lucky enough to pick up some of EUREKA MINIATURES soon to be released "French Revolutionary War" Austrians. I picked up three casualty figures, (including a drummer), two officers on foot, one mounted officer and a drummer and fifer. The French are fantastic miniatures, but so far (with what I've seen), I think the Austrians will be even better. I particularly like the Drummer that has been hit, (cannister or a well placed French musket ball the cause; your choice)! I was going to upload some pictures of the French, but go to the EUREKA website for a good look at the figures in the raw and painted form. Cheers for now!

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Frank said...


I think you do yourself a disservice sir, saying you can't do justice to the Minden figures with your paintbrush. You have done a really nice job on them as far as I can see.

Also, you are absolutely spot on about me not being bothered a fig about the Mindens fitting in with Foundry or Old Glory, as it was because of those monstrosities (among others) that I commissioned the range in the first place :-)

Keep up the good work.

Frank (Minden Miniatures owner)