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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A SP2 AAR. Game 2

Another Sharp Practice AAR.

 ABOVE: The French Grenadier interpenetrate the French Fusiliers in an attempt to close to 'Fisticuffs' with the two groups of Englishmen in a 'LINE' Formation.
The volley from the English sends the reeling back.

 BELOW: The top right see's Major Dickie Winchester leading three groups (two up and one in support) over the hedge and through the wheat-field into a ragged counter volley from two french Fusilier groups. The French officer (Lvl 2) was KO'd in the first round of Fisticuffs that resulted in a draw. The french were wiped out to the man in the subsequent round of H2H.
In the center of the photo two groups of English fire another Crashing Volley into the remains of the French Fusiliers that were opposing them.

"For you Monsieur the war is over" 

Yet another great fun game of SP2. Cant rates these rules high enough.
This was our first game using Artillery, (The single French 8 Pdr Cannon).
Post game I wrote up some 'HOUSE RULES' covering ARTILLERY V ARTILLERY FIRE.
These are them here: (See Below)

For each KILL sustained by the Artillery piece that is being fired at BY ROUNDSHOT you must roll equal to or below that number to convert that kill to a strike on the Gun / Howitzer.
Then consult the table below:


Phil said...

Unusual and very nice report, great explanations, terrain and minis...

ljr70 said...

Nice table, nice figures, nice write up. Overall great effort, thanks for sharing!