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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reasonably Priced Realestate

Hi Guys
Well let's face it, we all want great terrain, but none of us want to spend too much because, well;
we all want great miniatures!
Terrain however really can make the difference between a game that looks good or looks FANTASTIC.
Part of the appeal of Miniature games is the eye candy, otherwise we'd simply play boardgames, right?

As some might be aware I did a comparison of two 'La Haye Sainte' models recently and BATTLEFIELD ACCESSORIES' offering was one of the farm sets I looked at.

Well the good news is Mike Parker has gone into a partnership with another chap and they have finally got around to creating a true ONLINE presence.

BELOW: The BA Church and below that the 'Destroyed' version

You can now purchase BATTLEFIELD ACCESSORIES (BA) terrain ONLINE!

The terrain is of excellent quality and very competitively priced .
I refer you back to my LA HAYE SAINTE review to get an impression of what I'm talking about.

The range is extensive:
Futuristic Buildings, Bunkers and Fortifications
Houses (both intact and destroyed)
MASSIVE 17th Century Star Forts
Inca / Aztec Temples
Japanese Castles
and on and on we go,...
with more to come I'm sure.

Nothing flimsy, and easy to construct BA Terrain is both easy on the eye AND affordable.
For me, they are my ONE STOP TERRAIN SHOP!

BELOW: What can be done,.. just some of the 'Pimping' I'm doing at the moment to my BA Factory. Painting still to be done.


Steven O'Brien said...

A suggestion for your factory: perhaps take apart an old burned out power drill or other appliances for that look of "large industrial plant"

Trailape said...

Good idea.
I'm ripping apart an old radio for bits also.

Tarty said...

Amazing what's coming out these days these are great.

Cindy Kistler said...

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