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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hi Guys
Well I've returned from my trip to Belgium and did the whole visit Waterloo thing.
Some good news first from Mike Parker at BATTLEFIELD ACCESSORIES who has produced MDF roofs for his outstanding La Haye Sainte Farm Set.
you can see  my review of the Original Farm set here:

Here are some photos of the new roof sets
Much easier to construct and sturdier.

 BELOW: The original 'Sheds' with card roofs in brown and the replacement set with MDF roofs. Also the replacement roof for the farm's main gate.
 BELOW: The MDF Roof kits.

 BELOW: The new MDF Sheds

I also popped into EUREKA MINIATURES and these chaps caught my eye.
I have no idea what they are, but who doesn't want a trumpet being played by a portly chap using his arse and a horse being ridden by a giant rat bursting out of a corpse?

Finally, Eureka are also producing these awesome WINGED and 'Mechanically Enhanced' GORILLAS!

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DeanM said...

Nice MDF terrain, and those Eureka figures are something else - very nicely painted too.