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Monday, April 28, 2014


Hi Guys
The post sees me posting a continuation of the LONGSTREET CAMPAIGN Stan and I started last week.
Want to know more of the previous engagment?  YOU CAN SEE DETAILS HERE!
It's now June 1862 and following the Union's victory at Tamera Run Colonel Rawlin's brigade has received their replacements and reinforcements and have pursued the Confederates into some fertile farmland.
Thanks to the addition of the US 6th Cavalry to the Union brigade and some good intelligence work Colonel (COL) Rawlin has been able to chose the tactical stance for this engagement.
"Given the enemy's superiority in artillery and willingness to use the bayonet I've decided to take the initiative men".
The gathered council of war gathered in closer to COL Rawlin's table.
"With the superiority in horse we have I'm confident we will be able to position ourselves in a way to get a localised advantage and break the Reb's line. The numerous standing crops should enable us to close with the enemy without suffering too much from their small arms fire. I want the new men from the 1st Maine and the Marines to be the main effort. I know they have been the butt of a few jibes from some other men for not seeing any action at the Run in the case of the Leathernecks and the fact the Maine men joined us after the battle. Today they'll be able to show the rest of the brigade what they can do. The Fire Zouaves and the Red Legs will cover our right. and support the main assault.
I want the cavalry to mass on the left. If you see a chance to take out an isolated enemy battalion feel free to do so but I expect that you will ensure the left flank of the main effort goes in un-molested. The Battery will provide as much fire support for the attack as possible. Keep it hot and keep it pouring in. I need our boys supported as much as possible. They are Green, but the Rebs are pretty green also. I will not wish you luck men as I don't believe in luck. If God will's it we will be triumphant".

I probably should have fought this battle more defensively however the Confederate superiority in Artillery (3 bases to my two) and the fact he had a Rifle in the mix suggested he might be able to sit back and simply pepper me with is guns. I also wanted to close with the Rebs rather than have them close with me as the 'Rebel Yell' can be devastating to deal with.
I was pleased with my efforts on my right flank. The 11th New York really gave the Rebs hell, but I just couldn't catch a break elsewhere. At least a 'HERO' emerged in the ranks of the Marines so it will be fun painting a 'character' figure for the Brave Marine Junior Officer!
In short, this was my battle of Antietam.
From the Confederate perspective I'll let Stan explain:
The confederate plan was to wait behind the corn fields and fire on the union troops as they charged. All the while I just planed to hold on the left and right. This worked, but I was getting worried about the artillery losses and the 8th NC being shot up so charged in the middle and keep pushing until the Union forces reached break point.
Both my Commander (COL Rawlin) and Stan's commander COL Fransworth III were successful in gaining promotion. Now we both have Brigadier Generals leading our forces.
The UNION ORBAT now looks like this:
11th NY Fire Zouaves: seasoned Veterans 6 bases

14th Brooklyn: seasoned Recruits 4 bases

1st Marines: eager recruits 6 bases HERO!

1st Michigan Volunteer Cavalry: eager recruits 2 bases

5th US Artillery Company. 2 bases (1 6pdr gun & 1 Howitzer)

1st Maine Hvy Arty: eager recruits 7 bases

6th US Cavalry: eager recruits 5 bases

? Infantry: eager recruits 10 bases
? Infantry: eager recruits 6 base
? Artillery Company. 2 bases (2 x Howitzer)
(note) ? = still to be named.
Total EPs 6
Promoted to 2 Eagles (Brigadier General).
My man has 6 'EPIC' points  and Stan's chap has 7.
This Battle is also the first one where I posted the AAR using a COMIC BOOK style. I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts. Does it work? Does it look good? Is it better presented than my previous AARs?
Comments on this and anything else you might want to share welcomed.
ALL ARTWORK is by Don Troiani.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Terrific comic style BatRep! Very well done!

Sun of York said...

Excellent stuff. Nice to see such a good looking game.

cae5ar said...

Love the comic book style, very entertaining. Excellent batrep, Trailape, probably your best yet (and that's saying something)!

Andrew Saunders said...

An excellent report really enjoyable format

Phil said...

Excellent, EXCELLENT!! Love the style, and it needs a lot of work, for managed to creat a beautiful and unusual report, with beautiful pictures and minis...Fabulous!