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Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Buildings from Battlefield Accessories?

Hi Guys
I was fortunate enough to be given a small building created by Mike Parker of BATTLEFIELD ACCESSORIES whilst visiting EUREKA MINIATURES a few days ago.
Mike produces some fantastic resin terrain but is now considering entering the world of 'Laser Cut' terrain.
Very early days but here is his initial offerings.
Two building, one in 15mm - 18mm scale and another in 25mm scale.
As you can see the kit comes flat packed. This is the 15mm version.
 Once opened it's always a good idea to lay all the parts out and then conduct a 'Dry Run' at assembly.
 Now here are some vids I took with 'step by step' assembly.
I'll admit they aren't of the highest quality. I used my iPhone and only have two hands,....

And here is a photo of the finished product with framing attached.

These are by my understanding just prototypes but the finished product should be pretty close to this mark.
I for one will be very keen to see these buildings hit the shelves and be available for purchase. As with all products from Battlefield Accessories these promise to be excellent value and a great addition to your terrain collection.
The prices I mentioned in the video IIRC are what was mentioned for the 28mm scale building.
I'll try and get a better idea of costs ffrom Mike or Nic.


Phil said...

Looks good!

Phil said...

great products and great videos!