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Sunday, March 10, 2013


ABOVE: Musketeers from Regt von Rall.
Hi Guys
I've finished another 4 units for my 'MAURICE' AWI Project.
They are four Battalions of Hessians  Two are from Regiment (Regt) Von Rall and two are from Regt von Knyphausen.
The miniatures are the incomparable PERRY MINIATURES 28mm from their AWI Range.
Flags are from FLAGS OF WAR
I've based them on 40mm wide by 50mm deep bases with 4 bases to a unit.
BELOW: Grenadiers and Fusiliers from Regt von Knyphausen.

 BELOW: The 'Hatmen' or Musketeers from Regt von Knyphausen
 BELOW: All four Battalions ready for action.
 I will also use these guys for games using the excellent 'BRITISH GRENADIER' rules.
I've still got several battalions of PERRY METAL British to paint and recently ordered 3 boxes of the PLASTIC British Infantry and several packs of Americans, both Militia and Continentals.
I will certainly have my work cut out for me to get them all painted and based.
Feel free to leave any comments.
Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure below.


Phil said...

Very nice looking Hessians, a great and beautiful army...

Tarty said...

Very nice, lovely army.....still haven't played Maurice as yet.

Robert Sulentic said...

Hessian reeanctor is sad.

Rall had mitre caps; the whole regiment was grenadiers.

Knyphausen had black facings through the war. It's name changed in 1784 when it returned to Europe. Knyphausen switched to von Donop, and Donop switched Knyphausen.

And unfortunately I have found no evidence for the Hessians wearing gaiter trousers prior to June of 1781, other than von Bose when the regiment was with Cornwallis.